Pac-Man 99 Is A Free Switch Online Exclusive Battle Royale

Pac-Man 99 Is A Free Switch Online Exclusive Battle Royale

Announced last night and going live today at 9pm Eastern exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, Pac-Man 99 is a 99-player battle of pellet-munching attrition in which players eat the spirits of the dead in order to sic them against their opponents until all are devoured. Yay, Pac-Man!

It’s like Tetris 99, only with Pac-Man. Players munch dots and avoid ghosts on their personal screen alongside up to 98 other players. Activating power pellets and eating ghosts sends those restless spirits to harass other players as Jammer Pac-Man. Pac-Mans. Pacs-Man? Something. (Pac-Men – Ed) Ideally, players will want to create long ghost trains rousing sleeping ghosts, munch a power pellet, and then eat those trains, basically dropping spirit bombs on their opponents.

The game launches this evening for Nintendo Switch Online members, so it’s completely free, save for the $25-a-year subscription plan. For those of you averse to not paying for games, optional theme packs and game modes will be available for purchase at launch.

Now we wait. Wait and plot. Plot and wait.


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