Path Of Exile 2 Is Looking Hot In New Gameplay Footage

Path Of Exile 2 Is Looking Hot In New Gameplay Footage
Image: Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 was announced way back in 2019, but we haven’t heard much about the game since then. Luckily, that all changed this morning as Grinding Gear kicked off a massive set of announcements with a fresh look at the game alongside the announcement of Ultimatum, the next chapter in the base Path of Exile game.

The cinematic trailer for the game’s sequel is a real beauty and explores the threads of corruption that’ll be teased out in the game. It also shows off some extremely beautiful gameplay, including a major visual overhaul for scenery, animations and character models.

Textures are prettier, attacks look more deadly and the action is smoother and more gorgeous than its predecessor. In the trailer, you’ll find sandy giants, bone-filled lands, and plenty of creepy-looking bosses to plow through. Something for everyone!

You can check out the new trailer for Path of Exile 2 below:

You can also check out a sandy journey through the Vastiri Desert in a chunk of newly released gameplay footage.

This takes place in the second act of the game, which is centred around a caravan of Maraketh chasing down another caravan from the Faridun tribe.

Sadly, we still don’t have a date for the game’s release, but there is other good news on the Path of Exile front.

In the same livestream where new footage was revealed, Grinding Gear also unveiled Ultimatum, the next expansion for Path of Exile.

Ultimatum has an interesting conceit: it’s set around a deadly game show, where players undergo trials to nab unique and high-powered loot (the harder you set the game’s difficulty, the more rewards you’ll get).

Alongside this new mode, Ultimatum is also introducing some minor gameplay tweaks including switching up what loot drops from enemies. Larger bosses will now have better loot drops and rarer items will be distributed in regular gameplay.

You may also spot a few new skills in your arsenal as you travel through each trial.

Here’s the trailer for Ultimatum:

Path of Exile: Ultimatum is set to launch on April 16.

While we won’t see the game’s sequel until at least 2022, you’ll still be able to enjoy plenty of new Path of Exile content before then.

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