As The End Nears, Some PS3 Games Can’t Be Patched Anymore

As The End Nears, Some PS3 Games Can’t Be Patched Anymore
Image: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
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The end is coming for the PS3 faster than expected. While the PlayStation Store on PS3 is set to shut down on July 2, 2021, new user reports indicate the process has already begun, with some games no longer able to be updated.

According to threads on ResetEra, players are having major difficulties with updating a range of PS3 games. Not only are some games not receiving any updates when connected to the internet, manual requests to push through patches are failing for some titles. When the request is made, the screen reportedly goes blank and nothing happens.

Players are still able to download patches for the game and implement them via USB, but this is a tenuous process that requires updates to be available online (and many games don’t have this option). That means some games are stuck in their original, pre-patched form with no options for bug fixes.

Some players, however, have reported they can still download and patch their personal libraries. “After checking the patches spreadsheet, I can confirm every game I tested patched (or didn’t) correctly,” explained Adamska, ResetEra user in the thread.

“That is, the games that had patches downloaded them just fine and the games that found no patches don’t have any patches to download.”

It’s currently unknown whether this is just a bug caused by the planned changes to the PS Store, or whether this is feature will stick around when the store shutters. To date, users have identified problems updating Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, LittleBigPlanet, Battlefield 4 and other titles, with several users confirming they’re unable to update the games.

While the PS3 store is facing shutdown and this could be a result of these changes, there’s hope this could just be a minor bug. When the PS Store eventually goes down for users, Sony said users will still be able to access games they’d already purchased. Presumably, this also includes access to any updates and patches for these games.

Either way, it’s worth checking whether the games on your console will still update. When Sony ends support for the PS3 PlayStation Store on July 2, your library should remain unaffected — but whether they’ll include the latest patches is unknown.


  • Seems as good a justification as any to finally hack your PS3 if you still have one at this point, if the only down side was that you lose online functionality its a no brainer.

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