PSA: Don’t Watch The Returnal Launch Trailer

PSA: Don’t Watch The Returnal Launch Trailer
Image: Sony

Every now and again a developer/publisher has a real bad habit of showing way too much in a game’s trailer, and this morning, Returnal has gone and done the same thing.

It’s the kind of thing we’ve called Square Enix out for in the past, most recently with Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. The launch trailers for those games revealed way too much about the game’s twists and turns. Annoyingly, Returnal‘s launch trailer “The Tide” has followed suit.

I can see how this would have happened, given much of Returnal‘s story comes out in short snippets in between runs or at the end of major acts. The game isn’t filled with a lot of exposition, and every small transition you make from third-person to first-person usually has something to do with Selene’s past, and how she ended up on Atropos.

I can’t put this any more simply: if you want to remain unspoiled for Returnal, avoid the launch trailer like the plague. There are enormous spoilers in there, and you’ll enjoy the experience and its various runs a lot more without having seen any of those beats — and the environments — beforehand.

I’ll have more to say about Returnal soon. Not for nothing, but OpenCritic is predicting the review embargo will lift sometime this evening Australian time. The game itself launches tomorrow,


  • Thanks for the heads-up! I probably would’ve watched it, and from what we saw last Friday the story does seem like something that’s worth peeling away slowly.

  • Thanks, was just about to watch it. I’m really interested in this game after recent trailers and gameplay, so while I’m not planning on picking up at $100+ at launch, I do want to get it eventually.

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