You Can Finally Pet Dogs In Skyrim, Thanks To This New Mod

You Can Finally Pet Dogs In Skyrim, Thanks To This New Mod
Image: Skyrim
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I’m just going to come right out and say it: if there is a dog in your video game and you don’t allow me to pet it, you should go to jail. If it isn’t already, it should be criminal. Bethesda, I’m looking at you.

Skyrim is a wonderful game that I have wasted many afternoons playing, but the fact that I can’t pet the adorable in-game canines was almost grounds for a boycott. Until now.

Thanks to a genius modder named Jayserpa — and precisely ZERO thanks to Skyrim itself — you can now pet dogs to your heart’s content.

“I realize this might seem like a joke mod given the date, but I assure you it is NOT. After 10 years, we’ve seen all sorts of ehem, interesting mods but there is one key aspect that was always missing, so I made it happen,” the mod description reads.

“Dragonborn, take off your iron gauntlets, for today is not the time to be dauntless. Forget about the greybeards and the voice, your duty is now only to rejoice. Yes, you heard it right: Tell Alduin, to put the apocalypse on hold, for I am proud to announce: ‘Yes, you can pet the dog!'”

Huge, I know.

Unfortunately, the mod only works for dogs, which means you can’t pet horses, chickens, bears or mammoths. But hey, you can pet the dog, so let’s just be happy with what we’ve got.

There are three different animations included, which means you can pet any sort of dog, whether they’re standing, sitting or lying down. While you’re at it, you should tell him how much of a good boy he is.

However, you’ll need to make sure you’re not holding any weapons or prepared spells in your hands before you go in for the pat. You know, because nobody likes to be pet with a sword, do they?

The mod is part of a bigger and better mod that’ll allow you to pet all in-game animals and do a plethora of other exciting things, but in the meantime, we’ll just have to stick to petting dogs.

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