Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Is Reportedly Being Remade

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Is Reportedly Being Remade
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most celebrated Star Wars adaptations for good reason. It’s got an incredible story, epic battles and a cast of iconic characters, each with their own beautifully-told arcs and journeys. Since 2019, rumours have surrounded KOTOR with everything from a feature film to a potential remake. Now, it seems the game is actually, really coming back.

In an interview with MinnMax, Bloomberg and Kotaku alumni Jason Schreier confirmed the KOTOR remake is being made by Aspyr Media. This Texas-based studio is responsible for the recent ports of classic Star Wars games to modern consoles, including the re-releases of Pod Racer and Jedi Knight/Outcast on the Switch, and has also been rumoured to be on a BioWare recruiting run.

“There is something there. Yes, it’s real,” Schreier told host Ben Hanson when questioned about the legitimacy of the project.

While no other major details were shared, it’s a particularly exciting revelation.

When Star Wars wiped its canon clean, it effectively removed KOTOR from the lore of the franchise and reduced its significance overall. But so many of the game’s characters deserve better than that — especially Revan, whose story and heart hold KOTOR together.

Currently, it’s unknown how far into development the KOTOR remake is — and it’s unlikely we’ll know more until Aspyr confirms the existence of the game. E3 2021 would be the perfect time for a reveal, but it makes sense to wait a bit longer if a grander, in-person event is possible in the near future. A major announcement like this would absolutely be a crowd pleaser.

KOTOR was first released in 2003, but it maintains a dedicated fanbase thanks to its fantastic story, as well as its many spin-offs and sequels.

It’s an absolutely essential Star Wars game — but its age and lore makes it hard for newer fans to enjoy it. A remake would solve that problem, and help introduce an entirely new generation to the best Star Wars game ever made.

While we don’t currently know for certain that KOTOR is in the works, all signs point to a revival coming soon. Fingers crossed this is one reveal that pans out. Everyone deserves a chance to re-experience this game.



  • Having played the original to death on the Xbox, and tried to play it more recently both on iOS and PC, it really doesn’t hold up today. If they did a remake in TOR engine, that’d be grand. Hopefully they don’t feel the need to modify Revan to be the ‘canon’ one that appears in TOR.

  • I can’t say I am surprised Bioware is doing this. After the dismal failure of Anthem and Andromeda killing and shelving future Mass Effect games, is it any wonder Bioware are in desperate need of some wins and looking to past titles when they sat at the top of the mountain in the gaming industry? Look no further then remaking KOTOR and the original Mass Effect trilogy. Instant wins there and if they add Dragon Age Origins and Jade Empire down the track, they will be swimming in money and make Papa EA very happy indeed.

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