That Dusk Puzzle Game? Not Actually An April Fool’s Joke

That Dusk Puzzle Game? Not Actually An April Fool’s Joke
Gotta love an 8-bit beard. (Image: David Szymanski / New Blood Interactive)

Dusk, the decidedly old-school first-person shooter from 2018, is getting an even older-school demake that riffs on classic puzzle games like Chip’s Challenge and Sokoban. And no, this isn’t a joke, despite first word of its existence having dropped on April 1.

Dusk ’82 has everything you’d expect from a Dusk game — shotguns, cultists, explosions — except now it’s turned-based, playing out at a snail’s pace compared to the original game’s breakneck speed. As such, the demake is less focused on twitchy, Quake-inspired shooting and more about strategic bullet-dodging, block-pushing, and puzzle-solving.

What’s more, Dusk ’82 will come packaged with a level editor, allowing you to create your own hazard-filled puzzles from the ground up. Players can then trade these levels by swapping simple text strings. The game will also feature Steam Workshop support, allowing for even more sharing and customisation.

As mentioned, Dusk creator David Szymanski originally dropped word of his new puzzler on April 1, and let everyone go on believing it was a joke. But nope! Here we are a week later and the very-real puzzler’s now listed on Steam. That’s the best possible punchline.

Dusk ’82 doesn’t have a release date at the moment, but Szymanski said it should be ready “in a few months.”

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