The Latest Big No Man’s Sky Update Adds Seasonal Expeditions

The Latest Big No Man’s Sky Update Adds Seasonal Expeditions
Screenshot: Hello Games

Wandering aimlessly through procedurally-generated space is fun, but some pilots want a more guided experience. Today’s “Expeditions” update for No Man’s Sky adds a new seasonal game mode that has players starting off on the same planet for pre-plotted adventures across the universe.

Expedition mode is a season-long pre-planned journey through the stars. Players begin on the same planet with a varied collection of tech, new ships, weapons, and the like. From there they follow their Expedition planner, undergoing missions, discovering new locations, and reaching milestones together, as a community. Players will earn patches for completing expedition goals, while earning all sorts of new technological rewards that can be shared across their No Man’s Sky account. Sounds like the more targeted “something to do” players like me have been craving for years. You can read all about it in the Expeditions Update patch notes.

The update also introduces various quality of life updates for players, as these updates always do. Look for a revamped UI and game HUD, the return of procedurally-generated weekend missions, rendezvous points where players can catch up with each other, and bunches more.

Screenshot: Hello GamesScreenshot: Hello Games

It’s March, and we’re already on the second major No Man’s Sky update of the year. Somewhat frightened to see what Hello Games has in store for the rest of the year. I bet it’s not nice, relaxing naps.

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