The Week In Games: Pokémon Paparazzi

The Week In Games: Pokémon Paparazzi
Image: Nintendo / The Pokemon Company

New Pokemon Snap is out later this week on the Nintendo Switch. So grab your camera and get ready to snap some photos of Pokémon while singing Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi.

I’ll be busy playing Returnal on PS5, but I will get around to New Pokemon Snap eventually. However, will it still be new by the time I play it? I find Nintendo’s continued used of NEW in their names very strange and confusing. It seems like a way to quickly make something feeling dated. Then again, considering how long it took to get a Pokémon Snap sequel, it might be the “new” one for a long, long time.

Besides New Pokémon Snap some other stuff is coming out this week too. Check out the full list below:

Tuesday, April 27

  • Ladders by POWGI | PS5, PS4
  • Death end re;Quest | Switch

Wednesday, April 28

  • Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect | Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch
  • Second Extinction | Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One
  • Ladders by POWGI | Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One
  • Genshin Impact | PS5
  • Cymatically Muffed | Xbox One
  • Taiwan Monster Fruit: Prologue | Switch
  • GRISAIA PHANTOM TRIGGER 01 to 05 | Switch
  • Car Demolition Clicker | Switch
  • Skeletal Avenger | PC

Thursday, April 29

  • Secret Neighbour | PS4
  • Legend of Keepers | Switch, PC, Mac
  • Before I Forget | Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch
  • Total War: Rome Remastered | PC, Mac
  • Insurmountable | PC
  • Farm Manager 2021 | PC
  • Ladders by POWGI | Switch
  • WarDogs: Red’s Return | Xbox One
  • Battle Axe | Switch
  • Slinki | Switch
  • Space Warrior | Switch
  • Fly Together! | Switch
  • 世界の中心で、AIは戦う | Switch
  • Reknum Cheri Dreamland | Switch
  • Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager | Switch
  • Castaway Paradise | Switch
  • Super Glitch Dash | Switch

Friday, April 30

  • Protocol | Xbox One
  • Terminator Resistance | PS5
  • R-Type Final 2 | Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC
  • Angels with Scaly Wings | PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch
  • Borris the Rocket | Xbox One
  • Returnal | PS5
  • Mystic Fate | Xbox One
  • New Pokemon Snap | Switch
  • Ultimate Custom Night | Switch
  • Super Arcade Soccer | Switch


  • I’m ready for New Pokemon Snap coming out on Nintendo Switch this week even though it’s been 20 years since Pokemon Snap came out on the Nintendo 64 which was originally developed by HAL Laboratory Inc the same developer for the Kirby franchise.
    Now it’s 2021 and New Pokemon Snap that’s coming out on Nintendo Switch this week is developed by BANDAI NAMCO.
    I got to say BANDAI NAMCO are a great developer not just because they were responsible for my favourite Pac-Man games but also other games including the Soulcalibur franchise Tekken, Dragon Ball One Piece Naruto Little Nightmares and even Pokken Tournament combining both Pokemon and Tekken into one game.
    But now we’re getting New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch that’s coming out this week which is exciting for me since it’s now developed by BANDAI NAMCO.
    What’s even crazier is Nintendo’s partnership with FUJIFILM that’s introducing an instax mini printer which will allow you to take snapshots from your Nintendo Switch send them to your smartphone and print them out.
    But at $199 it seems like an insane price to me.
    On the other hand though I can’t wait to take some snaps of some wild Pokemon roaming around the Lental region and I do hope I come across Celebi along with Lugia and even my favourite legendary Psychic Pokemon Mewtwo.
    Oh yes indeed I’m ready to take some photo snaps the Lental region in New Pokemon Snap is definitely waiting for me which is why BANDAI NAMCO is inviting me to come along the Lental region to take snaps of some wild Pokemon.
    Thanks BANDAI NAMCO and I can’t wait to explore the Lental region when New Pokemon Snap comes out for Nintendo Switch this week.

    • I enjoy reading these replies. They’re amusing.

      But I can’t help the feeling like I’m missing my meta joke. Am I?

      • No of course not fatpenguin just enjoy on what you can look forward to this week such as looking forward to BANDAI NAMCO’S New Pokemon Snap that’s coming out this week.
        Until then you are The Weakest Link goodbye.

      • The AI has evolved to the next level. It replied to your reply to it.

        Pretty light on week I must say. Only thing thats of interest for me is the Switch port of Death end Re;Quest

        • Like most last week of the month release schedules, this one looks like it’s got a few heavy hitters.

          I’ll probably end up getting New Pokemon Snap, pending reviews, mostly for nostalgia and first-party Ninty hype reasons, though expect to be underwhelmed by simple gameplay and limited content (probably should stay in my N64 memory bank).

          I’m not convinced about Returnal. As much as I’d love to justify the existence of my PS5, it’s gameplay and story/art doesn’t look like my bag, and I’m expecting maybe good but not great reviews.

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