This JB Hi-Fi Resident Evil Village Stand Is Perfect

This JB Hi-Fi Resident Evil Village Stand Is Perfect
Image: Reddit (r/australia)

JB Hi-Fi hasn’t had much of a chance to shine with its homemade reviews and stands, but boy has one staffer done a bang up job with this Resident Evil Village effort.

To honour the upcoming release of Capcom’s horror/stomping simulator, one cheeky staffer from the JB Hi-Fi Canberra store created this wonderful scale to Lady Dimitrescu. It’s a massive undertaking — doing a full length cutout and drawing of Lady Dimitrescu that’s about 8 foot long, given that her shoes/heels aren’t modelled in this drawing, is no small feat.

Honestly, you have to appreciate Calculus785’s work here.

jb hi-fi
Image: Reddit (u/Calculus785)

That said, I couldn’t help but think about the comparison:

jb hifi

All things considered, it’s a pretty good job. Definitely appreciate the extra work on the necklace, and the work on the dress is just fantastic.

But the real question is to the other JB stores. Are you just going to let Canberra run away with this one?


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