Trubbish Is A Bag Of Garbage That Contains Deadly Gas

Trubbish Is A Bag Of Garbage That Contains Deadly Gas

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Trubbish!

Trubbish Details

Type: Poison

Average Height: 2′ 00″

Average Weight: 31 kg.

First Added In Generation V

I’ve recently started playing Pokemon GO again because I accidentally opened it and saw a ton of Pokemon around me and now I’m back on my bullshit. The other day I caught my first Trubbish, a Pokemon that looked a lot like a bag of garbage. But it had to be more than that? Right? I did a quick Google, to learn more about this thing, and well…

So yeah, turns out Trubbish is just a living bag of garbage. I vaguely remember folks talking about a trash bag Pokemon but I guess I just assumed they were joking or exaggerating. Nope! Trubbish is a stinky bag of trash. According to Bulbapedia, Trubbish was formed when domestic and industrial waste combined via a chemical reaction of “some sort.” I get the feeling not a lot of Pokemon professors are out there researching the stinky, shit bag Pokemon.

Stinky is an understatement! According to multiple Pokedex entries, Trubbish bleches out poison gas that can send people to the hospital. It can even be fatal if inhaled by young children or baby Pokemon. I’ve let my trash can get a bit ripe, but it never got fatal. That’s some impressive stink!

As you might expect, Trubbish loves unsanitary and nasty places. You can often find them around junkyards, local dumps, and trash bins. One Pokedex entry even suggests people who leave trash out in their house might wake up one morning to find a Trubbish in their living room. That would then make your home even dirtier, which would then attract even more Trubbish which would then make your house even more of a trash heap and well, you see how this is going. Kids, toss out your garbage, or you’ll end up in a neverending Trubbish home invasion loop.

Random Facts

  • While the gas Trubbish emits is deadly to some, for older folks it often just puts them to sleep for a week or so. That doesn’t sound so bad. I’d be down for a weeklong nap.
  • The Pokedex entry for Trubbish found in Pokemon Shield doesn’t hold back and just lays it out, saying: “This Pokemon was born from a bag stuffed with trash.” Damn.
  • Don’t litter! For one, because it’s bad for the environment. Another good reason is that doing so will lead to Trubbish finding and following you around because they crave more garbage. Unless you want to take a weeklong nap. In that case, go crazy and litter a bunch.

Best Comment From Last Week

Hypnos are known to spin Poliwhirls around with their hands to knock out individuals who are resistant to hypnotic suggestion. Many a Poliwhirl has vomited due to this, but apparently, the Hypno Association pays well enough to make up for it.

And how does Mr. Hypno make his money and why does he need to knock people out in the first place? Don’t ask, Zack. It’s for your own good.

John Vuojolainen

You know I have to ask. That’s the whole point of this damn series. I can’t stop asking questions about these things. I’m cursed to forever ask questions like “But why does it need money?”

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