Here’s An Extra 14 Minutes Of The Warcraft Movie, AKA A ’99-Cent Version Of Game Of Thrones’

Here’s An Extra 14 Minutes Of The Warcraft Movie, AKA A ’99-Cent Version Of Game Of Thrones’

For reasons unclear to me, an additional 14 minutes of the Warcraft movie dropped on Twitter overnight and I have so many questions. Perhaps most importantly: does this mean we’re getting a sequel?

“In these deleted scenes from Warcraft, Lothar receives Boomstick at Ironforge, Antonidas asks Khadgar to be the new guardian, and more!” the tweet read.

Obviously, the scenes were deleted for a reason, so a number of them are unfinished and feature super basic early renders, but it still gives you an idea of what they were trying to do.

However, it does give us a 14-minute deeper look into the world… The World… of Warcraft.

The deleted scenes don’t add much to the story, which is probably why they were deleted. But they do help to give a little bit more insight into the characters, and obviously allow us to gaze upon the beauty of Azeroth a little more. I mean, you could give me a 90-minute long video tour of Iron Forge and I wouldn’t complain.

My first thought when I saw they had released deleted scenes was that it was a way to gauge audience interest before announcing a sequel. But then I remembered just how god awfully the original film was received.

Not only did it get a 28% score on the Tomatometer (although it’s worth noting the audience score is a not-too-bad 76%), but it has also been referred to as “a 99-cent version of Game of Thrones.” Ouch.

Although I love the film, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t boring.

In my opinion, the yardstick of what makes a good video game movie is a movie that you can still enjoy without being a fan of the games. And unfortunately, that’s where Warcraft falls short.

I didn’t even watch the movie in-full until last year’s COVID lockdown, despite two separate attempts with a friend who loved WoW years ago. The only difference the last time I watched it (other than the fact that we were in a pandemic and I had already exhausted most other options) was that I was an avid fan of the game this time.

But in saying that, I do think the franchise has enough content to make a really good sequel (see: not boring). I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Blizzard ever decides to revisit the idea, or if they’ll just stick to in-game cinematics that could win the Oscar for Best Picture.

You can watch the full 14 minutes of deleted scenes below:

So, has it left you wanting more?


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