What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Slay The Spire

Sometimes after you’ve had a week going real deep on something, it’s good for the body and mind to head in the other direction.

I’ve been playing a lot of Returnal this week, so it’s nice to take a step back and unwind a little bit more. New Pokemon Snap just launched, and that’s a nice chill time that I can absolutely get behind. It’s also helpful that my partner and I will be babysitting for some friends over the next day or so, and being big fans of Pokemon, taking that over seems like an easy way to be popular.

But also: Slay the Spire runs are just really chill. I’ve been having a lot of fun using a character recently that I’d completely ignored, the Ironclad. The default sword and slash archetype tends to bore me in a lot of games, and as a deckbuilder I wasn’t really excited by a lot of the cards initially. But now that I’m spending more time building around HP loss and the exhaustion mechanics, Ironclad is proving to be far more interesting (and reliable) than expected.

But that’s it for me. What are you playing this weekend?


  • I decided to catch up on some of my Steam games and am now invested in playing WH40K Inquisitor!

    That and a few escape attempts on Hades

  • Playing Real Life Phantasmaphobia at the Australian Pioneer Village tonight. Other than that, prolly the usual daily games. I’ve been playing PSOBB and PSO1 a fair bit as well. Its distracting me from Yakuza 3… part of the whole procrastinating until until Judgment gets a real PC release.

    • Phantasy Star 1 not, PSO1… since PSO1 is in PSOBB. >< Its interesting going back to it and seeing the similarities to PSO2, since its been many many years since I played PSO1 last.

  • I will try to finish Ghost of Tsushima
    Started Playing Outer Worlds from the start on Supernova
    Some more of Assassin Creed Valhalla
    Conan Exiles

  • Rise just dropped a 1 month update with 6 new monsters (3 elder dragons, 2 new apex monsters and a surprise invader) and quests to fight the apex monsters outside of rampages, so that’s my weekend.

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