Windows 10 Update Finds A Way To Make Gaming Worse

Windows 10 Update Finds A Way To Make Gaming Worse

Ah, that old chestnut: a major Windows 10 update suddenly causing a bunch of video games to have issues out of nowhere.

If you’ve found yourself wondering why your gaming PC is suffering from a bunch of weird issues lately, you’re not alone. Users have been reporting a ton of supremely annoying issues after installing the KB5000842 Windows update — colloquially known as the April 2021 update, although some people got the patch at the end of March.

The issues are, to put it mildly, not great. Problems on AMD, Intel and Nvidia-based systems range from stuttering in games, instability with V-sync enabled, reduced FPS and intermittent lag elsewhere in Windows.

It’s such a persistent problem that even Nvidia is formally advising users to roll back the update if they’re noticing problems. (Naturally, Nvidia doesn’t want to cop flak for their latest driver if it’s actually Windows 10 that’s causing the issue.)

We’ve been down this road before, so if you don’t know how to put a block on forcing Windows 10 updates, here’s how you can do that. And with that information at hand, please enjoy some of the latest frustrations that Windows has manufactured for users out of nowhere:

kb5000842 update (March 29 – 2021) gives vsync issues from r/Windows10

If this sort of shit really annoys you, a great solution suggested by a Kotaku Australia reader is to limit feature updates to patch every 28 days, while allowing security updates through every day. You can hold feature updates back for 90 days as well, which might be best. The security updates are essential, but “feature” patches that send your FPS into the toilet? Not so much.


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