18 Years Later, Microsoft Is Fixing Halo’s Graphics On The PC

18 Years Later, Microsoft Is Fixing Halo’s Graphics On The PC
Image: Halo

Halo’s original PC port, released in 2003 and handled by Gearbox, was mostly fine, but it also had some weird issues, mostly related to funky textures. Fans have just kinda put up with them ever since, but in 2021 Microsoft is finally getting around to fixing them.

The video below shows a range of texture and effects improvements coming to an upcoming build that don’t just look good, they also have practical benefits to the player — like seeing shields degrade slowly — and help make the game look more like the Xbox original, which released in, uh, 2001.

Note that the current shots taken here are from the latest Insider build for the Master Chief Collection, so between now and the improvements actually being implemented in the retail version they may change (and get better).


  • It should be noted, this also fixes MCC on the Xbox.

    The Xbox One port of MCC is based on the PC port by Gearbox, so, you guessed it, also has the same issues.

    I’m loving 343’s dedication to the previous games in the series, and fixing issues like this that most would see as perfectly acceptable is testament to that.

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