Activision Cuts Ties With Call Of Duty Voice Actor Following Sexist Remarks

Activision Cuts Ties With Call Of Duty Voice Actor Following Sexist Remarks
Screenshot: Activision

Activision has cut ties with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Ghost voice actor Jeff Leach after a video montage was released showing him using sexist and misogynistic insults and language. Leach also voiced Ghost in Warzone.

In a Twitter video posted on May 7 by NitroLukeDX, Leach is seen using misogynistic language. In the first clip, during a 2017 live stream show Leach directly insults Twitch streamer TheZombiUnicorn when she didn’t appear during the live show, saying the reason she didn’t show up was that “She’d actually have to be amusing, she couldn’t just rely on her horrendous cleavage.”

The video contains more recent comments from Leach too. These were recorded from a live stream where he was playing Call of Duty: Warzone in 2020.

Call of Duty news outlet Charlie Intel reached out to Activision after the video’s release and received a statement confirming that the publisher had severed ties with Leach.

“Sexism has no place in our industry, our games or in society. Activision is no longer working with Jeff Leach. We strongly condemn these remarks. We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players.”

Jeff Leach has responded to the video on Twitter stating that it was taken out of context and called it “targeted character assassination.” Leach also claims that the comments he made during a Warzone live stream were in response to a toxic troll.


    • If he’d started insulting black people and dropping n-bombs, would you feel the same way? What about if he started insulting Jews with holocaust jokes – I’m guessing that would be fine with you too?

      • If a woman shows her boobs to get a free drink in a bar, and someone calls her out on it, is that sexist?
        A majority of female streamers rely on just showing skin to get numbers up, I don’t see how it is sexist to call her out on it.

        • A person trying to use their attractiveness to get a freebie is not the same as a famous person being a real asshole and inviting public scorn on someone else for no goddamn reason. HTH.

        • I watch a lot of female streamers and have never that, maybe if the majority you see doing it maybe that is more about the choices you make.

    • I know you know this and are just being dramatic but: He’s not. And he won’t be. He’s not a criminal. He’s a grown man acting like a foul mouth, petulant child insulting women’s appearances, equating their worth with they ability to “get a dick”, calling them violent gendered slurs, threatening violence, equating femininity with inferiority, bragging about the size of his genitals and so on. It’s no surprise that a company doesn’t want to be involved with him professionally. He acted out in a shameful, unprofessional, and frankly embarrassing way, and a company he has worked for previously has decided to cut ties with him, and rightfully so.

  • Another sad little person finally seeing there are actual consequences from being so desperate enough to get attention through purposely being a bellend. Just watching stream bits I just see a pathetic person playing to an audience and because he is online he feels like he can go more extreme than he would have the courage to say that to real people in a real setting.

    • You literally just described Zombie Unicorn and very likely the people he was responding to/about on his stream. Funny we don’t get shown what was said to illicit the responses from him.

    • Yes it is and yes he was. Watch the rest of the video.

      (Also, if dudes on Twitch are only watching a streamer because of her cleavage, that seems like more of an issue with the dudes than the streamer?)

      • Love the way people so fast to defend woman who intentionally sexualise themselves on a platform with a large demographic of children in order to often outright demand those viewers give them money.
        Somehow you fail to realise these people are sexual predators to minors and worse still you jump to defend them.

        • Won’t somebody think of the children?!

          By that I mean won’t somebody stop clutching their pearls over seeing one third of a boob and worry about how it’s totally fine for celebrities to act like real fuckwits as long as they’re doing it to a woman?

          • Here we go. Using some real gymnastics there to attempt to water down the actual meaning of what I said. You apparently are fine with a grown woman using her sexuality against young hormonal teenager boys to make a profit. You are okay with predatory behaviour towards children to a point that you feel you should publicly defend it.

  • I get the feeling there’s more to this than the article shows. Zombie is uh… an easy target specifically. especially 2-3 years ago when she was making one poor descision after the next. in fact the cleavage remark is based on her brand where every time I see her it seems to be made as large as the clothing allows to draw more people in.

    I imagine most of those streamers would have far smaller audiences without the selfcams.

    • Most streamers across the board would have smaller audiences without a face cam.

      I think it’s actually quite rare to see large streamers who don’t ever use a face cam, female or not. There are a few outliers who built their name from mainly streaming, but I think you’ll find streamers who pull big numbers without face cams were already popular for some reason before they even started streaming. So they’re leveraging something else for viewers.

      Does that mean I think some women don’t use the physical advantages they have to get them more viewers? No, they absolutely do. But I just really don’t give a shit about them doing it.

  • Zombie Unicorn huh?
    That hypocritical SJW “feminist” who was fast fading into obscurity until she suddenly decided she was an artist and got naked on stream to body paint?
    The artist whose painting skill looks like that of a child and in all the time doing it she never improved on her artistic skills of painting her boobs?
    The person who referred to legitimate professional dancers as “Booth babes”.
    Yeah she’s a real bonus to society.

      • Oh you know… I’d say it’s probably to do with the fact that if you say ‘feminist’ these days people can’t tell if you’re talking about crowd who follow the ‘All men are rapists!’ mantra or those who actually, genuinely want equality and respect for all even if that involves the shitty aspects that come of such equal standing.

        Now I’m not convinced ZombiUnicorn falls into the first category, but she sure as shit doesn’t fall into the second either. At the absolute best she’s a professional victim with a history of doing shitty things to other people, especially women.

        • The constant insistence that there is an “all men are rapists” crowd that is somehow infecting all of media while simultaneously being ghosts is exactly what I was expecting to get in reply.

          I don’t know anything about the woman and it doesn’t matter. If she’s shitty, then she’s shitty and that can be dealt with on its own terms. But that doesn’t make it ok for a famous and powerful actor to be shitty to her in public, especially when it’s sexual harassment. He’s a piece of shit and EA made the right choice for their bottom line to drop him. Anything else being discussed is moral judgements on her conduct that don’t belong in this discussion and it’s no coincidence that the same people who regularly say gross shit about women in the Kotaku comments are the ones leading the charge in justifying his actions.

        • Well bugger me! Someone who gets it.
          In reality I actually believe ZombiUnicorn just plays to what ever garners her attention and the money that comes with it regardless of who she has to hurt in the process.

    • If you dont understand the difference between a woman choosing to do what she wants with her body as apposed to the sad men who think that is the sum total of their life and character, thats on you

      • Woman are more than free to do what they what with their bodies, go nuts.
        Pick the time and place though. They want to go on only fans or chaterbate or any other place thats designed for it go your hardest.
        Going to a site that you know has hormonal children that will throw cash at you because their intellect stops running the show the second they see some risque skin on a remotely attractive woman, well if you can’t see what wrong with that no one can help you.

  • Did anyone else find it amusing that the poster who brought this to light, IMMEDIATELY had the shit he did on stream come to light in the replies.

  • Geez, some choice comments from ZombiUnicorn appearing in that Twitter thread too.
    Calling multiple people, b*tch, c**t, and someone else claiming she bullied her and has repeatadly called people ‘f***ots’.

    Wonder if Kotaku will expose her for this behaviour?

    • Apparently, Zombieunicorn being homophobic is okay!

      Let’s also not forget the time she falsely accused someone of sexual assault, Or the time she tried to get booth babes fired and made false assumption of them. Only to be called out by those booth babes.

    • I don’t think Kotaku exposed anything this is just a what happened summary. Can’t find any opinion.

      • They’ve linked a few times to the Twitter feed in the article. They could give further context to their factual summary if they chose to.

  • Was what he said shit? Of course
    Does he deserve to be de-platformed and fired from any job for it? Hell no.

    The problem with the “consequence culture” as the plebs put it, is that the consequences are not at all proportionate to the crime. And never applied consistently.

    • He is an employee of a major international corp and he was a real dickhead in public. Now that corp didn’t want to work with him because it’ll hurt profit.

      There’s no sjw conspiracy here. It’s just capitalism operating as usual. Your bed is with the corp, not some imaginary cabal of “plebs”.

      • I was referring to what Zombie and others online were calling for. Because they are calling for more to happen to him than this. And its not proportionate.

      • Talking about capitalism at work then. Do you hold the same opinion of Jessica price? She was a dickhead in public, Insulted customers and was then fired by ArenaNet.

        • Depends on the company. ArenaNet wasn’t going to take a replaceable nobody harassing customers and clearly this guy was disposable enough for Activision to dump him over, effectively, calling a spade a spade. He certainly could’ve been nicer in calling out her low effort content, but Activision doesn’t really need much an excuse to start screwing people over and refusing to pay them, especially if they’re in a union.

        • I think the more interesting question is what opinion do you hold about Jessica Price’s firing? If you don’t have a problem with her getting fired for calling someone a “rando asshat”, then you sure as heck shouldn’t have a problem with Activision cutting ties with Leach for broadcasting language such as telling a woman to “suck my fat girthy c**k you stupid c**t”. If you do think Leach got what he deserved then don’t mind me, carry on as you were.

          • “Was what he said shit? Of course”
            “I was referring to what Zombie and others online were calling for. Because they are calling for more to happen to him than this. And its not proportionate.”

          • I have no issue with Activision parting ways with him. As is their right. I take issue with the further punishment ( which is not at all proportionate to the crime committed ) being demanded/ Called for by people online.

          • Right OK. I haven’t really read deeper than the Activision consequence tbh, it’s not worth the time doing Twitter deep dives. But thanks for clarifying, I can appreciate consistency.

        • Those are not the same context. I know nothing about what happened to Jessica Price, but from the context here it sounds like she called an anonymous person an asshat. That’s not the same as a large public figure specifically targeting a smaller public figure specifically for the purposes of sexually harassing them.

          Unless I’m missing some utterly huge context chunks here, they’re apples and oranges.

          • If I remember correctly, he wasn’t a rando but a major community member who actually had his character put into the game and she attacked him when he was giving legitimate criticism (she was some high up designer). That level of hostility towards a long time fan is what got her canned and given who she did it to, it would’ve been hard for them not to sack her. It was a PR disaster.

          • “Those are not the same context. I know nothing about what happened to Jessica Price, but from the context here it sounds like she called an anonymous person an asshat.”

            The person wasn’t some random. He was one of the largest lore content creators on youtube for Guild Wars 2. He replied to a tweet by her with something completely normal, And then she accused him of mansplaining her and then proceeded to insult him.

            She showed insanely high hostility towards him over the most milquetoast criticism. He was in fact a huge fan of hers and her hostility caused him to break down in tears on stream.

          • Also. How can you claim they are not in the same context if you know nothing about the Jessica price situation?

            those two things contradict each other.

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