Another Dodgy Windows 10 Update Has Been Pulled

Another Dodgy Windows 10 Update Has Been Pulled
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Windows 10 issued a new update, and not long after it hit public release, Microsoft had to pull it back.

The latest offender was “Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. – SCSIAdapter –”, a Windows-recommended driver for AMD users. The problem? The driver was stopping some users’ PCs from booting, and the patch has since been pulled from the Windows Update list.

But the real problem here, as noted by Windows Latest, is that Windows Insider users had already flagged the driver as being dodgy. It was bad enough that users had to resort to some command line kung fu to nuke the update, which is a whole nightmare that nobody should have to go through.

Not all AMD users had the patch pushed to them, as is customary with the staggered nature of how Windows rolls out updates these days. Even though AMD are the ones responsible for making the driver, Microsoft’s responsible for pushing it out to users — and they’re doubly responsible for pushing out a patch from the insider branch to a wider release, after users called it out as problematic.

If you see the driver in your Windows Update list as pending for download, here’s how to make sure you won’t install it by accident:

  • Open the Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter tool — you’ll have to download this separately. Microsoft doesn’t appear to host this tool directly anymore, but some other forums (like Tenforums) have it saved here.
  • Click next
  • Select “Hide Updates” 
  • Uncheck the AMD SCSIAdapter – update
  • Close 

This will ensure the update doesn’t even appear as an “optional” patch within Windows Update, so there should be no risk going forward.

If your AMD system has been stuck in a boot loop recently because of the patch, however, you might want to reinstall Windows 10 via a USB stick. The Media Creation Tool, which you can download here, will create a Windows 10 image on any USB stick that’s 8GB or larger: just run the tool, boot from the USB drive and then run the repair process to get back to normality. And if you have downloaded any major Windows 10 updates recently, you might want to check your GPU drivers as well.


  • I actually uninstalled a legit windows 10 on one my computers to put a ‘not so legit one’ that has a unique ‘feature’ that enables you to fully turn off all updates permanently because of shit like this.

    • ugh if I wasn’t so starved for energy I might do the same.

      A recent windows update is causing FPS/hitching issues in games.
      Apex use to be a solid 130fps while on the ground, but often see it drop for no apparent reason to 70-90 (feels like 20fps + hitching though); I’ve even seen it hit 45fps on occasion.

    • Please for the love of god don’t do this. A unupdated internet connected machine in 2021 is just asking to be cryptoed.

      MS has really good patch mitigation capabilities these days, and with staggered rollouts the chance of encountering an issue is low

      • Id rather run the risk while still running all other security than dealing the bullshit that is forced updates on a windows 10 shitshow.

  • It seems my post about using Linux was removed. Ok good way to encourage engagement Kotaku (it was on topic enough).

      • OK, I know what’s happened. Your comment hasn’t been removed – it’s actually still live. But what you did was comment on a second version of this story.

        So here’s the timeline: I’ve posted this story. US Kotaku has seen it, thought ‘hey that’s great’, and then posted it on their own site. That’s caused a second version of this exact same post to come down our feed and pop up on our site again — and that’s the story you’ve commented on.

        I’ve hidden that second story because, well, why would we have the exact same story appear twice on our website? But obviously an issue there is that it doesn’t merge the comments (because as far as our backend is concerned, they’re two different posts).

        So no, your comment wasn’t deleted, it was totally on point and all good, but that’s why you can’t see it.

        Hope that makes sense!

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