Apple’s Tim Cook On Epic’s Tim Sweeney: I Do Not Know This Man

Apple’s Tim Cook On Epic’s Tim Sweeney: I Do Not Know This Man

Another day, another collection of very funny and insightful documents being released as part of the Apple vs Epic lawsuit. For tonight we have a 2015 email from Epic’s Tim Sweeney to Apple CEO Tim Cook, where one executive issues an impassioned plea for marketplace reform, and the other says “who is this man”.

The email, dated June 25, 2015 — so well before Epic was flush with Fortnite billions — was sent directly to Cook by Sweeny, and reads:

Hi Tim,

Y’all should think about separating iOS App Store curation from compliance review and app distribution. The App Store has done much good for the industry, but it doesn’t seem tenable for Apple to be the sole arbiter of expression and commerce over an app platform approaching a billion users.

Compliance review could be limited to API compatibility, safety, data privacy and fair disclosure practices. Compliant apps could be signed to allow open distribution via web or by confirmed invocation from another app, with no restrictions on engaging in commerce directly with users.

Rather than replying directly to a dude who began an unsolicited request to alter Apple’s billion-dollar business plan with the word “y’all”, Cook forwarded the email to colleagues Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue, saying:

Is this the guy that was at one of our rehearsals?


  • This will be the one time i am actually hoping apple wins.
    Sweeney is a troll who is trying to look like the good guy by giving away “free” games and dropping the store fees, when in actual fact he is trying to take control of the market and bring back anti-consumer exclusivity by buying out developers and paying big bucks for exlusive contracts with the epic store even on games that were formerly available on other storefronts.
    We were finally in a good place where CDPR, EA, Ubisoft, and Microsoft etc all had their own storefronts but also offered their games on other storefronts giving us freedom of choice and this douchebag comes along and tries to ruin it for everyone.

    • Sweeney’s lack of professionalism is jaw dropping. I’m happy to keep laughing at these emails being dropped, but it’s still an exceptionally painful read that perfectly explains why so many companies avoided Epic even with generous offers. I can only imagine what sort of emails they received.

    • So you want Apple to win just out of spite/dislike for Epic?
      Even if it’s good overall?

      I dislike exclusives, and hate having multiple launchers. But as a consumer, it’s literally no different to Blizzard having their own launcher to me, and it has only been recently other companies are coming back to Steam.

      While you may not like what they did with exclusives, it doesn’t mean what they are aiming for in the legal action isn’t a good thing overall. It’s better for developers, and the large stores like Apple/Steam will still make insane profits.

      Also, the stuff Epic is doing for devs is huge.
      As someone who wants to develop my own games I think it’s fantastic.
      – lower fees (amazing for everyone except the stores, but especially tight budget small indie devs)
      I believe they also take zero cut on the first million for UE games released on their store (that is pretty big for a small dev).
      – free highly advanced game engine/dev tools
      – free learning material for the engine/tools
      – free live videos where they deep dive into features and how to use them, while also answering some community questions.

      • You do know that the real reason he is doing this is entirely for his own benefit he doesnt give a rats about anything else
        The whole reason fortnite was pulled from the store in the first place is that epic snuck their predatory vbucks microtransactions into the game via their own in game store in order to bypass the apple and android store fees entirely (and thus bypassing the consumer protections against things like fraud and gambling legislation those stores provide) just so they can line their pockets some more?

        • “You do know that the real reason he is doing this is entirely for his own benefit he doesnt give a rats about anything else”

          Citation needed, Because frankly you are talking out your ass.

          • My preferred citation is that CEOs like money and always want more of it and them getting their company more money gets them more money. I wish I could post the Mr Krabbs money gif, because that about sums it up.

        • Obviously they do things to benefit themselves.

          But that doesn’t mean Epic winning isn’t also better for people other than Epic.

          All ingame purchases are overpriced bullshit in my opinion.
          Make a skin $2 instead of $20 and I’d think it’s reasonable for a free game.

        • It doesn’t matter in the slightest if he’s doing it all for himself if it is also going to end up greatly benefiting many others. And only a moron would toss out something that was going to benefit many just because it was made by someone they didn’t like.

          That’s some real Twitter crowd bullshit. Someone could be about to cure cancer, but because they got paid for it or had an opinion you disagreed with you’d come along all, “OMG just fucking stop them already.”

          • By that rationale it does matter if someone then buys that cure to cancer, patents it so no one else can make it (ala Martin Shkreli) and makes bucketloads of profit with the exclusivitiy.
            Sure it benefited the people who had their cancer cured with their epic games health plan, but screwed over plenty of others who are with other health providers.

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