Bandai Namco Is Making A Peppa Pig Game

Bandai Namco Is Making A Peppa Pig Game
Image: Bandai Namco (YouTube)

Bandai Namco — the same publisher that’s funding Elden Ring, the Dark Souls series, countless Dragon Ball spin-offs and most big-budget anime titles these days — is making a Peppa Pig game.

We don’t see major publishers produce, or announce, a lot of games specifically for kids. And given that Peppa Pig is probably one of the biggest kid-friendly properties — Hasbro bought it out for $US3.8 billion before the pandemic — it makes sense that someone would eventually turn it into a video game.

So, that’s what Bandai Namco are doing. The official trailer on YouTube lists the game as Black Clover: Quarter Knights, which is obviously a mistake. Still, it’s hard not to smile at the same publisher pushing aside legions of waifu characters so Peppa Pig can have a piece of the video game stage.

For whatever reason, my brain is now just thinking of all weird-arse kinds of mashups. If Peppa Pig is a proper video game entity now, the world of crossovers is entirely open. Peppa for Smash? Peppa Pig cameos in Dragon Ball Xenoverse? Peppa Pig tearing up Night City? Anything is truly possible.

My Friend Peppa Pig is supposedly coming out on “all platforms”, which means all consoles, Switch included, PC, and both mobile platforms.

It’s cool to see a major publisher actually signing a deal like this and working on more kid-friendly games out there. We don’t know if it’s an internal Bandai Namco studio or if they’re just acting as the publisher, but I’ll come back and update this post when more information is available.


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