Build Your Board Game Pile Of Shame With These Deals

Build Your Board Game Pile Of Shame With These Deals
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We usually keep you across a range of game deals for consoles and PCs, but we know that some of you prefer your gaming to be a bit more analogue. With that in mind, we’ve done some digging and found some cracking board game deals that are available ride night – some of which are for a few of our favourite titles.


Wingspan is one of the best new board games of the last couple of years. It’s a card-based game where each player needs to attract more and more birds to their wildlife preserves. It’s incredibly easy to pick up and runs pretty fast, but there’s enough strategy that you’ll be playing it again and again.

You can fly away with Wingspan for $82.23 and save yourself around $28 here.

Star Wars Imperial Assault

If you dig tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons or the official Star Wars RPG, Imperial Assault is a good dungeon crawler-lite.

In it, you play as a group of Rebel Alliance soldiers who are tasked with various missions to strike at the Empire. Your prior successes and failures in missions will affect the ones you undertake going forward, and it gives you just enough space to roleplay with your character. A game usually takes around an hour or two, so it’s pretty easy to jump in and out of.

Star Wars Imperial Assault is currently on sale for $125.26, down from $175.

Twilight Imperium (4th Edition)

Do you have $172 to spend, a couple of board game-obsessed friends and at least an entire day to kill? Then it’s time for you to play Twilight Imperiumthe biggest of big box board games.

Also? You can currently save $78 off its $250 RRP.


One of the tastiest deals is for the revised edition of Gloomhaven going for $172. Considering this absolute behemoth of a game usually retails for roughly $250 from Australian retailers, being able to save close to $80 is a great deal.

Gloomhaven is a campaign-driven dungeon crawler and one of the biggest board game releases of the last decade. In it, you play as a mercenary making your way through almost 100 unique scenarios, with your tactical choices affecting which of these scenarios you’ll end up in next. It’s fun, but it’s incredibly long.

Grab Gloomhaven here.

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra

If long haul, big box games aren’t really your vibe, you can get Azul for $60 down from $79.95. Azul is a pretty simple game to pick up – you draw various tiles to build a mosaic wall, scoring points when you complete rows.

Despite that simplicity, it’s always a fun time.

Check out Azul here.

Betrayal Legacy

Betrayal at House on the Hill has cemented itself as an all-time classic board game, and if you like it already you might get a kick out of Betrayal LegacyThe premise is the same – there’s a haunted mansion full of unexpected monsters and items to explore and an evil to vanquish – but it’s been reconfigured as a multi-session campaign .

Betrayal Legacy is designed to be played over 13 sessions that are an hour long each, so make sure you’ve got the time put aside (or at least players who won’t buck after the first three sessions).

You can currently grab it on sale for $95, down from $110.

Dominion (2nd Ed)

Dominion is another one of those all-time classic games, and something everyone should at least play once. It’s currently on sale for $62, which is $18 off its $80 price tag.

The aim of the game is put together a deck full of valuable cards to help build your kingdom and crush your opponents. If you really enjoy Dominion there are a heap of expansion sets available too.

You can buy Dominion here.

Relic (Warhammer 40k)

If you’ve always been interested in the world of Warhammer 40k, but could never find a good place to start with it, Relic could be the path you in you’ve been looking for.

Based on the Talisman system, you play as a 40k hero, completing various missions with the goal of stopping an evil that’s invading from a Warp rift.

You can currently pick up Relic for $162.35. Considering copies of this game can go for up to $239.99, that’s a pretty good deal.

The price tag on this game is a bit higher because it’s the premium edition, so it includes painted versions of the character busts, which are usually unpainted. The standard edition sells in the range of $100 to $120, and if you’re not much of a mini painter, dishing out for those premium busts is probably worth it.

Mice and Mystics

A fun dungeon crawler where you play as hero that’s been transformed into a rat. To return to your human form, you need to make your way through a now massive castle and defeat the evil Vanestra.

Mice and Mystics is a good entry board game for kids, and feels somewhat reminiscent of a Dungeons & Dragons adventure. You can currently pick it up for $99, saving yourself $20.95.

Buy Mice and Mystics here.

Star Wars: Rebellion

It is a period of civil war. In Star Wars: Rebellion, you can either play as the scrappy Rebels and make strategic strikes to build your army and bring down the Imperial. Or, you can play as the Empire and attempt to find and destroy the Rebel’s hidden base.

On its face, this might seem uneven in terms of power distribution, but this balance was one of the major highlights in Kotaku’s review of Star Wars: Rebellion:

It means that every game of Rebellion really feels like the struggle at the heart of the movies; the out-gunned Rebels are constantly being harried, forced to rely on the brave actions of a few select heroes, while the Empire — while ridiculously powerful in conventional terms — has to fire at needles in haystacks.

You can grab Star Wars: Rebellion for $120.12, down from $175 (just make sure you choose the right seller on Amazon).

Lord of The Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth

Another fun RPG campaign board game, with the added bonus of being based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy series. In Journeys in Middle Earthyou play as one of Lord of the Rings iconic heroes as you, uh, journey in Middle Earth.

Journeys in Middle Earth uses a companion app that acts as the game master, keeping track of your character’s progress while also giving you new scenarios and quests to complete.

You can currently pick it up for $128.70, saving yourself a nice $50 off the usual $180 price tag.


I can’t recommend Scythe enoughIt’s an engine-building game, where the aim is to build up your resources and conquer nearby territories. What makes this game stand out is that it’s set in an off-beat dieselpunk reimagining of 1920s Europe, where chunky war mechs roam the countryside.

If you can’t get a party together, Scythe also has a single player setting. If anything, it’s worth your time for the absolutely fantastic game art by Jakub Rozalski.

You can currently pick up Scythe for $99, down from $130.

If you already own these titles or they don’t really tickle your fancy, we have a few more board game suggestions for you to check out too.


  • If you’re a boardgamer (+ love star wars) and haven’t played Rebellion, it’s a damn good game to be played repeatedly with the same person/people. Once you know the abilities and possible missions your opponent has, it goes from blind cat and mouse to full on mind games cat and mouse. For me it was a game that was fun at first and only got better with replays

  • The board game recommendations here have become really good lately, nice work.
    For Star Wars Rebellion the expansion (whatever its called, there is only one) really helps Combat sing and become a lot more fun.

    For Scythe the Winged Gambit expansion also helps get the game moving if your players are a bit conservative and want a bit more interaction.

    • Oh, also, the expansion to Lord of the Rings are just more of the same. Play the base game campaign and if you want more of it then maybe consider them.

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