Bethesda Is Moving Its Forums To Discord, And That Sucks

Bethesda Is Moving Its Forums To Discord, And That Sucks
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In a blog post made earlier today, Bethesda — home of everything from Elder Scrolls to Wolfenstein — announced plans to “sunset the forums on”. Or, in more precise terms, shut them down.

“When the forums first started on, they were a great place for everyone to discuss amazing games, share stories, and come together with similar interests”, the post reads. “The forums have seen many changes over the years, and we’ve enjoyed seeing our community grow and evolve alongside Bethesda and all of our games. Now, though, with the numerous ways people are communicating, we feel the time is right to move away from the forums and chat with you where you prefer to be.”

So starting May 24, Bethesda will begin closing their forums, first by restricting access to new posts, then on July 6 beginning the process of actually shutting them down completely and scrubbing them from the internet, warning users “you will have 30 days to save any post contents you wish to keep once the forums are closed.”

It’s not that Bethesda is ending support, it’s simply moving it. “We will be moving our conversations from the forums to our official Discord Servers”, the post says, while they’ll also continue to participate in an official capacity in Reddit discussions.

Which, fine, if your job is talking about engagement metrics and active discussions, or if you’re the kind of Bethesda user who is down for constant, active community stuff, then that’s all great!

But for anyone like me, who finds official forums a priceless asset when I’m google searching “am i the only person on earth with this game-crashing bug” or “whats up with this very strange quest”, it sucks! From tech support to gameplay questions, official forums have always been more valuable to loads of people as an archive rather than a community, and to see them transition almost exclusively to the latter is a big disappointment, especially seeing as it’s something of a trend (BioWare did something similar a few years back).

(A quick note that Elder Scrolls Online fans are unaffected by this, as their forum is run separately to the wider Bethesda community).


  • I genuinely mourn the loss of web forums. Discord servers, comment threads and Facebook discussions are absolutely not replacements for the communities that forums built and it’s a shame that we’ve lost that over time.

  • I haven’t seen anyone on the forum so far who is actually pleased Bethesda is doing this. Mostly people are pissed off and sad.

  • I prefer forums over Discord or the worse choice Reddit, but I’ve also found that most forums are either terrible to use or lack the information that I’m looking for, or both.

    • The forums weren’t too bad in that regard apart from every second post you typed being marked as “Your post appears to be in Spanish” when you try to post haha

  • They serve different purposes. Discord is great for a social space to hang out, but if I want a quick guaranteed answer to solve a problem, something like a Stack Exchange etc. that appears from a google search is more effective.

    Reality is both are good for different purposes, but I bet the cost of boosting Discord, and the human cost of moderating forums vs. the functionality of what you can do on Discord rn, is hard to ignore. (Switching probably gets rid of some vulnerabilities too that are latent with old forums, which isn’t an insignificant factor when you’re a multi billion dollar publisher.)

  • It would of been nice to get more than a weeks notice of the closure. I can already see a lot of people loosing contact with friends on the forum because of the short notice.

  • When your whole schtick is developing games so buggy modders need to fix them for you post release, removing a forum with a goldmine of ‘fixes’ information is insane.

  • Same thing happened to the Double Fine forums not too long ago, except the whole website went down for like 6 months or something (for a redesign/reboot) but without any warning. & then when the new site launched recently the old forums were just gone. Everything, all gone forever, no heads up or notifications about it whatsoever.

    ,I had some good stuff on there that I would have rather liked to save thinking back. : (

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