Remember, You Can Play Biomutant For $20

Remember, You Can Play Biomutant For $20

The reception to Biomutant has been mixed, leading some to question at what price Experiment 101’s furry brawler might be most worth it. So it’s worth remembering that while some places are charging $100 for Biomutant in Australia, you can actually get the game for a fifth of that price.

We don’t talk about it too often, but Biomutant is actually available for $20 in Australia as part of EA’s subscription service. You wouldn’t be alone in forgetting that EA Play Pro was a thing — ever since its tie-in deal with Xbox Game Pass, many gamers have simply assumed EA’s library is available as part of that.

And while most of it is, EA Play Pro also has a range of new exclusives that aren’t first-party EA titles. As it so happens, Biomutant is one of those.

Image: EA Play Pro / Origin

What this means is that instead of forking out $100 on Steam, or the $75 most places are charging for console versions of the game, you can actually knock out Biomutant for $20. That’s how much it’ll cost you for a monthly subscription of EA Play Pro, which is more than enough time to knock out Biomutant.

EA Play Pro’s Australian pricing. Image: Origin/EA

EA Play Pro hasn’t had that many 2021 games added to the service, although you could probably finish off It Takes Two once you’re done playing Biomutant. From a pure value proposition, that’s a pretty good deal. It also removes some of the reservations around AA games like Biomutant, where some of the elements look fun, but the slight lack of polish holds people back from dropping $100.

So if you want to give Biomutant a whirl, EA Play Pro is the best option right now for Australians. You’ll obviously need to play on PC, but given how the game is running on the PS5 right now, that’s probably your best option.

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