Biomutant’s Character Creator Is Still The Best

Biomutant’s Character Creator Is Still The Best
Image: Biomutant / THQ Nordic

Easily the best thing about firing up Biomutant, even in its very early demos, was the game’s ridiculously free-form character creator. And while Biomutant isn’t officially out until next week, a new trailer has shown off just how sick the final version of the creator is.

The whole hook of Biomutant‘s furry wushu gameplay is that you have full freedom to customise what character archetype you want to roll with. If you want your little ferret to be built like a brick shithouse, like the mutant rat from Ratatouille, the game will let you just fully max out strength from the start.

But true to the game’s original previews — which I played at Gamescom all the way back in 2018 — you’re not just given a flat scale showing stat increases and decreases. Instead, your character shrinks and morphs in real-time as you shift the dial around.

Move the slider further towards intellect and your furry friend will get a comically large head. Push the stick more towards the agility/strength side and you’ll get a taller creature with a more angular face and wider shoulders. More HP? Expect a much bigger chest.

It’s not next-gen as far as character creators go, but it is a hell of a lot of fun to watch in motion. And it doesn’t just apply to choosing your stats either. The trailer below then transitions to another stage using the same character wheel, but instead of changing your stats, this time it’ll change the default fur and colours for your animal.

This is also just a small part of the detail in the video below, which covers the game’s structure, control mechanics, RPG systems, factions, size of the open world, different combat and psychokinetic powers, and customisation with the crafting. Weapons won’t degrade or diminish over time, which is a huge plus, and you have the freedom to change out your alliance between the game’s six tribes as things proceed.

There’s a lot going on in Biomutant, so the video above is well worth watching. I can’t wait until next week when we can start to talk about Biomutant more properly. The official FAQ notes that the review embargo lifts early May 25 Australian time, which is also when the game launches for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with an Xbox Series X/PS5 specific version to be released “sometime in the near future”. (Note if you’re playing on Steam, the game won’t unlock until May 26.)


  • “I can’t wait until next week when we can start to talk about Biomutant more properly.”

    So can we assume you’re enjoying the game? Have had an eye on this for a while, so hoping it’s good.

  • So far the marketing for this game feels criminally under done. Until I watched Pewdiepie’s stream I had no idea it even had light/dark Star Wars style karma or that you could change major story outcomes/endings. Or that it had Force style powers based on karma for that matter.

    It’s like the opposite of Cyberpunk, where instead of telling you about the game features they just don’t talk about them at all. I’ll wait for the reviews and release opinions, but what I’ve seen so far looks very promising.

  • I hadn’t been keeping up with Biomutant at all over the years until the new gameplay trailers popped up in recent months… then I found out who was making it… and then I read how the publisher was managing it… and then I watched the developer interview… and now it’s my first collector’s edition preorder since Borderlands 2!

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