Call Of Duty Event Devolves Into Competitive Screaming Match

Call Of Duty Event Devolves Into Competitive Screaming Match
Image: Twitter (@INTELCallofDuty)

COVID has made me miss a lot of things, but people running up to each other in person to verbally abuse them for losing at Call of Duty isn’t one of them.

A LAN event — one of the first held since the COVID-19 pandemic forced esports events online — was held over the weekend by Esports Zone in Texas. It wasn’t a massive event — the winners walked away with $US6,000, while second place grabbed $US1,200 — but everyone attending was clearly in it to win.

A compilation of some of the most vocal events was posted online by CDL Intel on Twitter, and it features a lot of screaming. Some of the highlights from tournament attendees include:

  • “You’re going home you fucking shitstain … retire, stay fucking retired”
  • Someone knocking over a monitor on the ground because they were running too quickly to abuse the team on the other side of the event
  • Someone pulling down their mask just to tell the other team “you fucking suck”

Honestly, just watch the full video below with sound.

Esports events have always had a friendly relationship with vocal banter, especially at LAN events where throwing off your opponents is occasionally welcome, depending on the community. But Call of Duty has always had a reputation for taking the aggression and turning it up to 11, and COVID apparently hasn’t had any impact on that.

As for the actual tournament, Team Smog won over Shady Kings Gold in the finals. After returning home from the tournament, one of the players said it best:


  • Yeah, and this is part of the reason I have no interest in ‘competitive’ games. People just being dicks, regardless of sex.

    • I completely agree. Though to be fair, people can still be dicks even when there is sex involved.

  • You never change Kotaku. Stop shaming young men. Yes it is a little cringey their exuberance but seriously they are just excited as hell and it is not toxic (its mens safe spaces, you know it would only be fair huh). Until one day we can have an intelligent, nuanced and honest conversation about modes of communication and why they happen we aint going to solve anything. Its call of duty and these young boys are just celebrating in the appropriate way. So hypocritical have you heard the emotes of the female characters in Apex, it would fit in well with what these guys said just a little more well put its called smack talk.

      • “Someone pulling down their mask just to tell the other team “you fucking suck””
        there was no mention of spitting. not saying it didnt happen, i dont click outside links to videos, but if it did, maybe include that in the text.
        that said. cod is a rather cancerous community as it is filled with 12yr olds. pretty sure either zorastin is trolling, or they are also a 12yr old cod player.

      • Spitting is not ok smack talk at a cod event definitely but there is a reason that these things are happening and as i said until we can have an honest discussion about these things within the media without the constant shaming etc they are only going to become more pronounced. The most toxic environments i have ever worked in have been mostly female. As you said in the article it wasnt a very big event so why highlight it? hey lawlorz 1v1 you lol

    • I dunno, I’ve been in plenty of male spaces where people didn’t trash hardware on their way to shit on the other team. Basic consideration for property isn’t an exclusively female trait.

      • Didn’t happen in the competitive spaces I played/ran, and I did that for well over a decade. Even Australian COD never trash talked as heavily as that, but then Aussies are generally not as … highly strung.

        • im a big fan of the australian q3/live/champions community. never any cancerous behaviour at least as far as i see.

        • I think the operative words in the article are “in Texas”, because I don’t think Texas represents the better part of America by itself, let alone men in competitive events around the rest of the world.

      • youre the only one saying that. tends to be that way. find an idea you disagree with, post it till theres no tomorrow.

      • Er, I don’t see anywhere in the article specifically calling them out for being men. Where are you guys getting this from? I saw “Texas” and thought “ah, yes, Americans”.

  • So nuanced wozowski cringe. There is a reason and the answer is simpler than you can imagine but not given much consideration. Endless growth and consumption is going to end humanity and we are going to be arguing about gender till the end there is a real enemy out there buddy and it aint toxic masculinity. The more the left bang on about that the worse its going to get and this is coming from someone who is a total lefty, works special needs, works with trans etc. Articles like this are not too bad but the cumulative effect of such does add up. Anyway ill go back to existing underneath my bridge.

  • Sees where event is held, Texas USA…
    Expections of humans treating each other like human beings are out the window.
    Pure scum

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