Chaos At A Walmart As People Rush To Buy Pokémon Cards

Chaos At A Walmart As People Rush To Buy Pokémon Cards

The continued shortage of Pokémon cards, fuelled by the pandemic, Twitch streamers, and scalpers, led to a chaotic situation at a Walmart in Pennsylvania. The moment the store opened, folks began to run to the section of the store where trading cards are sold, leading to chaos and one sad sight.

In a video captured by Instagram user tcg_grassi and shared by Twitter user bigcards30, around a dozen or more people can be seen rushing through the entrance of a Walmart the moment the doors were unlocked at 7 am. They were there to buy up the newly stocked Pokémon cards.

Kotaku reached out tcg_grassi and received permission to share the video.

tcg_grassi told Kotaku that this mad rush of people isn’t normally how these things go down. They blame the wild rush on a few folks who began running, leading to more folks running and the eventual Pokémon stampede seen in the video.

“ I’ve been in lines at other stores with them and they’ve all been respectful in the past. Kinda crazy,” said tcg_grassi.

The ongoing Pokémon card situation has led to single cards being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s also led to shortages of Pokemon cards as The Pokémon Company can’t print cards fast enough to keep up with the demand. Earlier this month, in response to the growing crowds, shoving and arseholes, Target stopped selling Pokémon cards in-store.

According to tcg_grassi the manager working the morning shift at the Walmart was “annoyed” by the commotion and running. “the [other employees] looked fairly shocked.”


    • A little bit of foresight and situational awareness by the business owners wouldn’t go astray…keep this stuff behind the counters and give it out fairly and evenly to those who lined up. Stores have some responsibility to avoid this sort of situation too.

      • Yeah I haven’t seen much of that kind of ridiculousness here but all the cards are behind the counters or behind display cases to prevent this shit. That and I think that they are pretty commonly stolen.

      • Target USA are now refusing to stock Pokemon and other popular TCG cards, sighting agression and violence. Its expected other major retailers may follow.

      • I assume putting it behind counters would result in staff members (Usually low-paid teenagers, this is Walmart after all) being horrendously abused by these lowlife scum.

  • I am not sure what’s more concerning, how popular these cards are getting or the fact that it’s a bunch of fully grown men fighting like school kids over them.

    • this is where you are mistaken. they may appear physically grown, but to be fully grown they would have needed to mentally mature past the age of 3.

  • Why are these cards not sold behind the counter, with limits on purchases?
    The incompeted management who allow this to happen, while legit customers miss out to scalpers is unacceptable.

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