Chuck, No, This Is Mario Golf

Chuck, No, This Is Mario Golf
Gif: Nintendo

Nintendo recently updated the official Mario Golf: Super Rush website with short clips of every golfer performing their Special Shot. None of these powerful moves, however, are more special than Chargin’ Chuck’s.

Chuck, baby, listen. I know this is your first time in a Mario Golf. Heck, I’m pretty sure it’s your first time being playable in any spin-off. I totally understand reverting to what you know out of anxiety.

But this is golf, Chuck. Not football. You can’t just Happy Gilmore your way through this shit. Now put that dang ball down before the Lakitus fly by and penalise you.


  • Who says Chargin Chuck can’t play golf even though he’s added into Nintendo’s character roster in Mario Golf Super Rush?
    No seriously dude he was in Super Mario Odyssey where Mario captured Chargin Chuck allowing him to charge through rolling rocks.
    Next month is E3 month dude and we’ll be expecting some more Nintendo Switch games coming to console later this year and next year and we should all be excited for Mario Golf Super Rush coming to Nintendo Switch next month.
    Chargin Chuck should be playing golf.

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