Daigo Umehara Describes His Battle With Covid-19: ‘It Was Hell’

Daigo Umehara Describes His Battle With Covid-19: ‘It Was Hell’
Screenshot: Red Bull Gaming@YouTube

As reported earlier this month, esports pro Daigo Umehara was hospitalised after contracting covid-19. This weekend, Umehara tweeted that he had been discharged. Thank goodness.

Daigo expressed tremendous gratitude for the medical attention he received, adding that he is on the road to recovery.

“After nearly two weeks of treatment, today I was released from the hospital,” he wrote. “Extremely grateful to the nurses and doctors for their devoted care. Many thanks to my fans and colleagues for the warm support. It will take time to get back to normal, but I’m so glad I’m recovering.”

Later, in a live stream, Umehara talked about his experience, stressing how harrowing it was.

For over ten days, Umehara ran a fever of over 39 degrees Celsius, which started making him delusional. Breathing was hard. Even if he was hungry he didn’t eat. Even if he was thirsty, he didn’t drink. He had never experienced anything like it before, saying he thought he was going to die. “This is not just some cold,” Umehara said, referring to the slogan of Japan’s covid deniers.

“When I was awake it was hell, and even when I slept, it was hell,” he said. “I never want to get it again.”

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