Destruction AllStars Is Getting Bots Because Not Enough People Are Playing

Destruction AllStars Is Getting Bots Because Not Enough People Are Playing
Screenshot: Lucid Games

Destruction AllStars, released in February exclusively on PS5, doesn’t seem to have a huge community of players online. So to help improve matchmaking, the developers have announced plans to add online bots.

The news of bots being added to the game was revealed in a Dev Update post on Reddit. In the post, the devs at Lucid Games laid out their future plans for the online car combat game. Part of this plan is to add some robots.

“With a community the size of Destruction AllStars,” explained Lucid Games “Spread out across the world we do have peak times and low times of player activity for online matchmaking.”

According to Lucid Games, the bots are being added to help improve matchmaking during the low times. Though a more cynical take is that nobody is really playing this game anymore and the bots are needed to fill up all the empty slots for the few folks still around.

Lucid Games did clarify that bots won’t be added to the Blitz, a competitive focused mode. That will remain only humans to keep things fair.

Other features being added at some point to Destruction AllStars include a playlist feature, global parties, and improving slams. None of this stuff, including the bots, have release dates but will be added in the future as Lucid Games continues to support the game.

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  • I suspect the poor developers took a hit from scalping, like presumably everyone else did which means most of the sold consoles aren’t with people playing them. I really hope it’s taken into consideration by Sony before they start beating them with a stick over it.

    • I’m guessing it’s why Sony chose to offer it as a PS+ game so early, so the studios efforts weren’t completely wasted.
      On the plus side Lucid Games appears to be genuinely expanding its operations and it looks like it hasn’t gone unnoticed they delivered a “technically” solid game for a new platform so close to the release window, at least on the industry level.

  • Exclusive to the PS5? And they’re shocked that there aren’t many people online? Any PS5 or Xbox exclusive game right now with multiplayer will be slim pickings for player bases.

    • Xbox might be slightly better off with crossplay providing they’re not exclusive to Series X/S. Sony with its closed ecosystem is gonna be stinging with closed crossplay.

  • Bots in games are always a good thing, and frequently more fun to play against than real people. Thanks Unreal Tournament and Quake Arena!

  • This is the fate of most online multiplayer battle games. It’s only a lucky few that break through to become longer-lasting fixtures, reserving a regular slice of an incredibly competitive market’s finite attention.

    I’m amazed that publishers keep chasing that slice. Everyone’s thinking, “We could be the next Fortnite!” instead of, “We might be the next Loadout!”

    This is probably one of those contributing factors when they make the bullshit claim that ‘games cost too much money to make’.

  • “A closed ecosystem is fine,” said the Sony supporters. “There’s no reason for Sony to offer crossplay.”

    So, uh… how’s that workin’ out for ya?

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