Dragon Quest XII Announced, Hardware Is TBA

Dragon Quest XII Announced, Hardware Is TBA
Screenshot: Square Enix

Today, Dragon Quest XII was announced during a Square Enix live stream.

In the teaser, the “XII” logo was in fire with a voice saying in Japanese, “Why do people live?” The game’s full title is Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate.

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii explains that the game will have choices for the players so that their characters can decide how to live. The command battle system will change in the upcoming entry (but commands won’t be removed per se), but the system apparently won’t be changed in a way that’s uncomfortable to DQ players.

Horii would not say when the game is slated for release but added that it will launch simultaneously worldwide. Horii also would not disclose the hardware.

The teaser makes it seem like this will be a darker Dragon Quest. According to Horii, “You could perhaps say it’s a Dragon Quest aimed at adults.”


  • Hopefully Sugiyama won’t be back for the soundtrack, after the unlistenable garbage he turned in for XI, and his all-around general shittiness as a human being.

  • Let’s hope that they actually release the full game across all platforms at the same time instead of creating a release version and then re-releasing when a new console ‘appears’. And of course doesn’t have the DLC farming that seems to be standard across games these days (FFXV is a good example of how trusting Square Enix to produce anthing decent without trying to grab money would be impossible)

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