The New Elite Dangerous Expansion Is Having A Rough Launch

The New Elite Dangerous Expansion Is Having A Rough Launch
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Elite Dangerous‘s enormous Odyssey expansion launched this week on PC, but judging by the user reports, it hasn’t exactly touched down smoothly.

The game’s expansion, which costs $56.95 on Steam at the time of writing, is being shellacked by user reviews. It’s sitting at a 35% mostly negative rating from over 1,460 ratings, with users complaining that the expansion has tanked the game’s performance and stability in both VR and non-VR modes.

Odyssey is a massive deal for Elite Dangerous, since it adds the ability for users to touch down on planets and walk around in first-person. But when users touched down on planets on Odyssey for the first time, the game sometimes crashed — and for some, it hasn’t worked since. Other users haven’t been able to play the game at all due to login and server problems, while others are complaining that Odyssey’s performance on the recommended specs is far from playable.

“Great game. Odyssey made it unplayable though,” one review read.

“Each time we tried to board a ship together to fly to a mission (which we can’t share ffs) the passenger would lose connection when entering hyperspace or Supercruise,” another user complained.

To their credit, Frontier Developments have already released the first hotfix for the game to address some of the more pressing bugs. There’s some huge issues corrected, like players being stuck in tutorials, crashes when editing keybinds and a notorious “orange Sidewinder disconnect” bug that players get when switching from the Odyssey expansion to Horizons.

Of course, that hasn’t fully resolved most of the major problems people are having. Server issues have locked some people out of connecting at all. And then there’s weird edge case issues, like on the Epic Games Store, where players can’t launch the game because the update is live on Frontier’s servers, but not Epic’s.

Every game usually runs into bugs at launch, so I’m confident Frontier will work them out eventually — Elite Dangerous has been steadily getting updates and content for almost a full decade now. But if you were holding out for Odyssey, it might be prudent to hold out a little while longer. Space can wait.


  • Looking forward to this, but in no way did I expect the release date would be the release date…

  • Yeah really disappointed with this xpac. I used to get near-constant 60fps in the game no matter what. Now im seeing it dip into sub 30 regularly.

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