This Video Game Wants You To Spend All Of Elon Musk’s Money In 30 Seconds

This Video Game Wants You To Spend All Of Elon Musk’s Money In 30 Seconds
Elon Musk on SNL. Image: SNL

Reckon you can spend Elon Musk’s mammoth fortune better than he can? Well, there’s a video game for that.

Elon Musk — the man who brought us PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX and the rise and fall of multiple cryptocurrencies — is a very wealthy man. He is currently the third richest person alive and will probably make more money today than I will in my entire life.

While I may not be more deserving of his $US166 billion ($213.3 billion) fortune, I firmly believe that I would be better equipped to spend it. And thankfully, there’s a game that will let you try your hand at spending his enormous wealth.

The catch?

You’ve only got 30 seconds to spend it all.

The game, developed by Leasing Options UK, is pretty simple.

“Elon Musk’s business ventures have skyrocketed his net worth to a staggering $166 Billion. The aim of this game is to spend that money in 30 seconds,” the website reads.

Personally, I’d donate all but $1 billion to charity because I simply do not believe that any individual human on Earth needs more than that.

However, the game isn’t quite so simple.

Instead of being a free-for-all, you’re only given 12 options to spend your money on, ranging from an $8 Big Mac (which is wildly expensive, considering we’re talking USD) to a $50,000,000 Falcon 9 launch.

But even if you spam the Falcon 9 launch button for the full 30 seconds, you’ll still struggle to make a significant dent in Musk’s fortune.

After more attempts than I care to admit, I only managed to get a high score of $99,750,000,000, which still left Musk with a cool $66,250,009,000.

Although 30 seconds was never going to be long enough to spend such a mammoth fortune, the game does a pretty good job of illustrating exactly how much money Elon Musk has. Hint: it’s a hell of a lot more than any of us.

If you’re keen to give it a red hot go, you can play the game for free here. Warning: you won’t be able to spend it all.

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