Fans Polled Over Which Anime Or Manga Should Be Live-Action And Most Replied “None”

Fans Polled Over Which Anime Or Manga Should Be Live-Action And Most Replied “None”
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Yikes! A Japanese poll asked one thousand men and women ranging from teens to those in their 60s to name which anime or manga they’d like made live-action, courtesy of Hollywood. The reply that took the number slot should surprise no one, really.

It was, well, “nothing” or “none.”

Here, via Yahoo News! Japan, is the rest of the top ten:

1. Nothing/None: 456 votes

2. Demon Slayer: 60 votes

3. Attack on Titan: 48 votes

4. Jujutsu Kaisen: 34 votes

5. Naruto: 24 votes

6. Detective Conan: 18 votes

7. Slam Dunk: 15 votes

7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: 15 votes

7. My Hero Academia: 15 votes

10. Hunter x Hunter: 14 votes

What about you? Which would you pick? 


  • I’d choose #1 as well.

    That said, the japanese Death Note live action films are the best iteration of the story with how much fat they cut down from it to make it the perfect duology. Light up the New World is good too. L: Change the World is skipable.

  • That is the correct answer. I haven’t seen a live-action conversion yet that wasn’t pure garbage, and that includes more benign rom-coms that don’t have supernatural effects requiring CGI.

    There’s just something about over-acting that works in anime but doesn’t in live-action. The animation is also usually better at capturing subtle shifts in tone or mood that live-action anime actors seem to struggle to convey (perhaps through a collection of visual style/symbol cues that serves as a form of short-hand) .

    I don’t know where the demand for lower-quality (and usually shorter/condensed) live-action versions comes from.

      • Hm. Fair enough. I’ll take any endorsement – will have to check that out sometime. It’s reasonable to figure Japanese film/actors have more experience with samurai flicks than the other stuff that gets translated from anime.

        • Yeah, to this day its still the only one i like…The rest are as you said, garbage*.
          Except the Netflix Death note which was an hilarious trash fire of fail.

    • Then you haven’t seen Rurouni Kenshin. Or enough anime to have any clue how many out there would translate amazingly to live-action. Not surprising, you do love to comment for the sake of it rather than as a result of actual knowledge.

  • One word: Monster. It is quite literally perfect for a live-action TV adaptation. Also it should be a UK series, they know how to do dark, and the US would likely dumb it down too much.

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