Google Stadia’s Head Of Product Has Left The Company

Google Stadia’s Head Of Product Has Left The Company
Photo: Kotaku

Vice President and Head of Product at Stadia John Justice, who only joined Google in early 2019, has not just left his role at the streaming game platform but the company itself.

The news was originally reported by The Information, and later confirmed by 9to5Google. It comes only a few weeks after Google made the decision to halt all internal game development at Stadia, and rely solely on third-party games that people can already buy and play elsewhere.

Google is a company that does a handful of things very, very well then spends a ton of money fucking around failing on all kinds of other stuff. From RSS to Inbox to messaging apps to game development, the company has developed a reputation as one that is all too happy to abandon its products and services without mercy, and the timing and manner of Justice’s departure sure doesn’t bode well for Stadia avoiding the same fate.

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