Grab Thy Guitar Cuz Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.55 Is Live

Grab Thy Guitar Cuz Final Fantasy XIV Update 5.55 Is Live
I waited for the day/night cycle to complete to get this shot. (Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku)

Today’s release of update 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV delivers the second part of the final main story quest before the Endwalker expansion, adds additional story for the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse quest line, and marks the official launch of the PS5 version of the game. Most importantly, the update lets me rock out on a cliff with my electric guitar.

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers enters the home stretch with update 5.55, bringing the final chapter of its epic story to a close while setting the stage for November’s Endwalker expansion pack. It’s a momentous occasion for players who’ve kept up with the game’s main story quests so far, while being a bit of a pain for those of us who have not only not kept up, but have been levelling alts instead so we could have a fresh bard ready for the release of in-game electric guitars.

If you start playing in a public place, they will come.  (Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku)If you start playing in a public place, they will come. (Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku)

For the record, the electric guitars are every bit as majestic as their announcement suggested. Players can switch between multiple voices on the fly, play power chords, and look damn good doing it. My new bard, Raccoon Davis, has already made several friends while spamming licks in the courtyard of Limsa Lominsa.

Here’s the other stuff the update brings, in official Square Enix bullet-point form.

  • Patch 5.5 Main Scenario, Part II – The second part of this final main scenario update before Endwalker sets the stage for the upcoming expansion in grand fashion.
  • YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse – Additional YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse story has been added to this epic crossover questline.
  • “Save the Queen” Questline Update – This latest update includes a new field area, “Zadnor,” an increased resistance rank cap of 25, final enhancement of resistance weapons, and new large-scale battle content Dalriada for up to 48 players.

And again, today marks the full launch of the PlayStation 5 version of the game, which I have been playing ever since it launched in beta last month. It’s beautiful and runs so well I’ve managed to figure out how to play with a DualSense controller instead of plugging a keyboard into my console like a chump.

It’s another good day to be a Final Fantasy XIV player. It’s an even better day to be a FFXIV Bard. Let us rock out.

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