Great Job, Commissioner: Blaseball Is Going Mobile

Great Job, Commissioner: Blaseball Is Going Mobile
Image: The Game Band / Kotaku

The Game Band, makers of quirky browser sports game Blaseball, have raised $US3 ($4) million in a recent seed round, the studio announced today. This investment, made possible by a venture capital firm known as Makers Fund, will be put towards expanding the development team, building a mobile Blaseball app, and other unannounced projects.

“From our very first conversation, Makers Fund appreciated Blaseball’s chaotic spirit as well as its untapped potential,” said The Game Band founder and CEO Sam Rosenthal. “We’re so grateful to them for the opportunity to make Blaseball better, healthier, and more sustainable.”

Blaseball debuted last summer as an absurdist take on America’s favourite pastime. It’s hard to describe what Blaseball really is without going on a dissertation-length rant, but it’s basically a baseball simulator where umpires can incinerate players at the drop of a hat, athletes phase between alternate realities, and old gods interfere on a regular basis. As a spectator, you can bet on matches and invest your earnings toward improving your favourite team, which is always fun.

After taking a months-long siesta over the holidays, Blaseball returned in March with new ways for viewers to keep up with its constant action. That’s the whole idea behind The Game Band’s decision to make a mobile app: So many people were keeping up on their phones that the developers want to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible. And when most of the lore behind your game has been created by a passionate community, you’re going to want to keep them happy.

“The Game Band remains an independent studio and Blaseball will stay under our direction,” Rosenthal added in a separate blog post. “All of the things you love about Blaseball aren’t going anywhere. The game will remain free to play, and we’ll work to make it a more welcoming and fulfilling experience for everyone. We’re also planning ways to better support the endless creativity shown by the community and to honour all the contributions you’ve made to the game.”

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