Help Us Make The Most Horrific Miitopia Creation Possible

Help Us Make The Most Horrific Miitopia Creation Possible
Image: Miitopia

Nintendo’s Miitopia  is out today, and we’ve finally got a copy! Which means it’s also to answer a thorny question: what’s the worst possible creation Nintendo will let us get away with making?

That’s the mission today, as Leah takes us through the weird RPG world of Miitopia. A re-release of the 3DS version, Miitopia is all about creating a party of Miis to go on adventures with slice-of-life elements in the background. There’s relationship building akin to Tomodachi Life, but the Switch version has more extensive character customisations, which I’m hoping we’ll use to full affect today.

So why don’t you join along and help us create some truly cooked creations? We’ll be playing/causing havoc from 2.30pm-3.30pm AEDT as per usual. You can follow along below or directly through our Twitch channel. You can find the live chat underneath the embed as well.

You can join our Aussie Discord server too! We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Lot of chill, funny folk in there.


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