IGN Takes Down Article And Tweet Sharing Palestinian Aid Groups

IGN Takes Down Article And Tweet Sharing Palestinian Aid Groups
Screenshot: IGN / Kotaku

Following the most recent set of violent military strikes by the Israel Defence Forces that have leveled entire buildings in Gaza and left over 180 Palestinians dead, IGN posted an article linking to a variety of Palestinian charities and even gave a Palestinian flag prominence in its masthead. Sometime earlier today, all of that content, along with a tweet promoting the post, was removed with no indication as to why or if it will be republished at a later date.

Shortly after IGN US’s posts went live yesterday, IGN Israel shared a statement on social media accounts owned by IGN Israel that it condemned the article and tweet sharing Palestinian charities. At this time it’s unknown if IGN’s parent company Ziff Davis demanded this content be removed or if the content was removed for another reason. As of this writing, the post and tweet remain deleted.

Another outlet that showed support for Palestine and its people was Game Informer. However, its article promoting charities was also removed today. Like IGN, there has been no public indication for why this post was removed or if it will return.

Screenshot: Game Informer / Kotaku Screenshot: Game Informer / Kotaku

Kotaku has reached out to IGN and Game Informer about why this content was pulled.

As Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians continues, many in the gaming community began to speak up against the violence. While what is happening is not new, this reaction from big outlets, like IGN and Gamespot, was seen as a big deal by many who had begged for more news and media coverage. IGN, the biggest gaming news site in the world, was one of the first major outlets to publish a post directly supporting Palestine and various charities that were trying to help the victims of the ongoing military attacks.