Japanese Idol Group Criticised For Covid-19 Disinfection Measures

Japanese Idol Group Criticised For Covid-19 Disinfection Measures
Gif: AKBStaff

During recent indoor concerts for Japanese idol group AKB48, attendees were sprayed with “Virus Buster Water” as a precaution against covid-19.

AKB48’s management tweeted out footage of the “disinfection gate” contraption in a now-deleted tweet with a voice-over saying how the Virus Buster Water was to make a safe environment for fans.

The Virus Buster Water website mentions its collaboration with the pop group, in particular mentioning that the disinfection gate was a covid-19 preventive measure so that AKB48 fans could have peace of mind even during a pandemic. That’s admirable, but is it effective? And is this providing a false sense of security?

As My Game News Flash reports, after the tweet went up, those in the medical community pointed out that the virus is spread by exhaled respiratory particles, viruses were different from germs, and this sort of sterilisation does not prevent the airborne aerosol spread of covid-19. Further criticism was that the medical doctors should have been consulted regarding measures like this.

Currently, Tokyo is under a state of emergency order due to covid-19. The packed concerts were held at the Pia Arena MM in Yokohama in Kanagawa, which is currently under a quasi-state of emergency.


  • Some people really will do anything to make a buck, even if it detracts from real, vital efforts to safeguard people against a killer pandemic.

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