I’m Sending Whoever Designed This Arse-Eating Pokemon Plushie To Horny Jail

I’m Sending Whoever Designed This Arse-Eating Pokemon Plushie To Horny Jail
Joltik and Yamper plushie.

Looking for a new plush toy that simultaneously says ‘I love Pokémon’ and also ‘eat my ass?’ Well, my friend, I’ve got a thing for you.

If you love rimjobs as much as you love Rayquaza, and have a spare 6,000 yen, you’re in luck because The Pokémon Company and toymaker Takara Tomy have joined forces to create the perfect Joltik and Yamper toy for you.

Introducing the Buruburu Bachuru (Shivering Joltik) plushie, measuring in at a monstrous 12 inches tall and 16 inches long. Believe me when I say, this thing is a beast.

The plush toy features Joltik making an absolute meal out of Yamper’s ass. Joltik is attached by a string that can be pulled out of Yamper’s ass, which makes him scurry back home to the safety of, well, Yamper’s anal glands.

Don’t believe me? Look at this NSFW gif that exudes a level of horniness that should never be seen in Pokémon.

Joltik and Yamper
Joltik and Yamper toy – Takara Tomy

For reasons still unclear to me, and that I will leave up to your imagination, the toy also vibrates. Do with that information what you will.

There is simply too much happening here. The vibration, the literal mounting of Yamper, the tongue sticking out. It’s too much! Too much, I tell you.

However, it’s worth noting that this is actually canon in the Pokémon universe, as per Joltik’s Pokédex entry.

“Joltik latch on to other Pokémon and suck out static electricity. They’re often found sticking to Yamper’s hindquarters,” the entry in Pokémon Shield reads.

I’m not entirely sure who this product is aimed at, but if you’re in the market for a giant, vibrating, ass-eating Pokémon plushie, the world is your oyster.

The Buruburu Bachuru (Shivering Joltik) will ship from September and is exclusively available on the Takara Tomy online store for 6,000 yen plus tax.

Go on. You know you want to.



  • I dunno, 12″ is pretty small height wise for the price. For a bit more EB had 24″ plushies that are a good quality.

    • A great state indeed, sharing news of a hilarious videogame related toy to bring a small amount of happiness to adults in trying times.

      Maybe christcenteredgamer would be more your speed?

    • Probably just too old for this particular young lady’s work, which is fine, she doesnt have to write for everyone (After your post I was curious and googled her… Yes there’s probably a good reason why her work doesn’t gel with you… or me for that matter)

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