K-pop Group Enhypen Is Sorry About World Map That Omitted Japan

K-pop Group Enhypen Is Sorry About World Map That Omitted Japan
Screenshot: Hype [email protected]

Just as K-pop group Enhypen is making a big push around the world, the group has ruffled feathers in Japan for merch that didn’t include, well, Japan. 

The image in question appeared as part of the group’s “En-Connect” fan meeting bundle.

Image: enhypen-jp Image: enhypen-jp

Along with three DVDs and a photo book, the box set is packed with faux passports of each group member. On said passports, there are world maps but with the Japanese islands noticeably missing. 

Cyzo reports that the discrepancy was pointed out, a corrected image was uploaded to the merchandise page. 

The group issued an apology, explaining that royalty-free art had been used in creating the passport images and Japan being missing was overlooked.

Image: enhypen-jp Image: enhypen-jp

That seems like a rational explanation, especially considering that the group trying hard to make it Japan, and one member of Enhypen, Ni-Ki, is Japanese. 

However, this isn’t the first time Japan has gone missing on a world map from South Korea. Back in 2018, the country was AWOL in TVXQ’s “Love Line” music video. Prior to that, Japan was omitted from South Korea’s Winter Olympics map. Strange that this keeps happening!

The “En-Connect” bundle goes on sale this July.


  • Not that strange when you consider how Japan treated Korea in its not-so-distant colonial past. Thankfully things are way better now, but these things crop up from time to time. Same thing with China and Japan.

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