Let’s Check In On Star Citizen, Shall We

Let’s Check In On Star Citizen, Shall We
Gif: Cloud Imperium Games / Beet Wagon / Kotaku

Star Citizen is currently free-to-play as the game enjoys its annual Invictus Launch Week celebration. I figured now would be as good a time as ever to take a peek at the ambitious space sim and see how things are going.

Cloud Imperium Games has raised more than $US365 ($468) million via crowdfunding since starting Star Citizen development in 2012. See you next year!


  • It looks like Mass Effect 1 (original, not remastered) and No Mans Sky (v1.0) had a child with special needs, who they then left to be raised by Minecraft wolves.

    With all that money and all that time I reckon the community is entitled to feel more than a little disappointed. Somehow though, this protogame still has a large base of fanbois who reach for their wallets when ever Chris Roberts beckons.

    Mr Wednesday would be proud.

    • If the constantly-shifting goal posts and the lack of significant progress in achieving milestones haven’t scared off backers by now, I can only put it down to sunk cost fallacy. They must believe that with enough time and enough money, Croberts will deliver the game of their dreams. The fact that Croberts has failed to deliver on many, many occasions, and even has to post a Twitter video to prove to backers that he is still alive, speaks volumes about the lunatics who still have faith in him to deliver something resembling a feature-complete video game.

  • having seen the biomutant reviews this week, and looking at this game should make more people realise, “sometimes a smaller game maybe a better idea than trying to jam everything under the sun into a single ambitious game…”

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