Looks Like Judgment Is Getting A Sequel Called ‘Lost Judgment’

Looks Like Judgment Is Getting A Sequel Called ‘Lost Judgment’
Image: Resetera

Remember the days when you used to rely on Amazon, EB Games or other retailers to accidentally spoil new games? Well, it turns out Sony’s gone and saved everyone the trouble with Judgment’s upcoming sequel, Lost Judgment.

A shot of the game appeared on the Japanese PlayStation Store. It was later pulled down, but not before it was captured by fans, including the director of Senran Kagura, Kenichiro Takaki, who reposted a screenshot of it on Twitter.

Judgment just had a re-release on the PS5 recently, so now is about a good time for a sequel. There’s expected to be a formal announcement of the game tomorrow morning Australian time, but the conditions have never been better for a Judgment sequel, or anything from the Yakuza creators. Yakuza: Like a Dragon was one of the biggest hits from the next-gen launch, while the re-release of the Yakuza series on PC and Xbox has been a massive boon for SEGA. SEGA’s other titles have done well too — Total War Saga: TROY was downloaded 7.5 million times according to their November financials — while Persona 5: Strikers has sold more than 1.3 million copies already this year.

All we know about Lost Judgment at this stage is that Yagami and Kaito will make an appearance. The Japanese PSN page mentions a battle pass as well, so there should be a good amount of post-launch DLC, which traditionally hasn’t been something the Yakuza series has really focused on much. Localisation for these games usually takes a while, mind you, so I wouldn’t expect Lost Judgment to arrive in English any time this year — but we’ll likely hear more at midnight tonight, when an official stream is set to go live.

In the meantime, if you haven’t played Judgment, it’s absolutely worth it. The game’s a lot easier to play on PS5 now thanks to reduced loading times, and for $49 it’s one of the best priced PS5 exclusives you’ll get.


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