Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Speed Golf Mode Looks Like A Trip

Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Speed Golf Mode Looks Like A Trip
Pure golf chaos. (Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku)

Golf is normally a game about being patient and waiting your turn while wearing awesome pants. In Speed Golf, a new mode coming in next month’s Mario Golf: Super Rush, four players tee off at once and then race across the course to complete the hole first. I’d pay to watch real golfers do that.

Nintendo released a five-minute video going over Mario Golf: Super Rush’s mechanics and game modes to prepare players for the game’s June 25 launch, and it looks like there’s something for every sort of golfer. Technical players can fine-tune their shots, applying spin and curve to allow their shots to navigate kooky courses. I look forward to shaping my putts when I’m in the mood for precision stickball.

*insert whispering announcer voice* (Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku) *insert whispering announcer voice* (Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku)

I’m also keen on the Golf Adventure mode, which allows players to level up their custom Mii characters while exploring a golf-themed world filled with golf-loving characters.

Aren't we supposed to kill these? (Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku) Aren’t we supposed to kill these? (Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku)

But the real exciting bits happen around the 2:20 mark. That’s when we learn about Speed Golf, the mode where yeah, it’s about golf, but it’s also about using your character’s unique dashes and special moves to outmaneuver the competition.

Even Waluigi gets to play!

He's sexy and you know it.  (Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku) He’s sexy and you know it. (Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku)

Along with Speed Golf, there’s also a special mode called Battle Golf, which takes place in a special arena. Instead of one hole at a time, Battle Golf challenges players to capture any three of the battlefield’s nine holes. That’s a total of four modes, which should translate into a hell of a lot of golf to play once Mario Golf: Super Rush hits the Switch next month.


  • Sure Speed Golf Mode may look like a trip but no seriously dude Mario Golf Super Rush is coming out next month and not only did Pauline appear in her role of Mario Tennis Aces and that she is now playing her role in Mario Golf Super Rush but we’re also getting King Bob-omb and even Chargin Chuck and not to mention both Bowser and Bowser Jr are both wearing visors I mean Bowser is wearing a black shirt pants with a belt and shoes and Bowser Jr is wearing a shirt shorts and even sneakers.
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Above all that Nintendo and CAMELOT I’m excited and I can’t wait to play Mario Golf Super Rush when it comes out on the Nintendo next month.

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