Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Mass Effect Legendary Edition In Australia

Here’s The Cheapest Copies Of Mass Effect Legendary Edition In Australia
Image: Electronic Arts
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If you’ve never played Bioware’s original Mass Effect trilogy before, there’s really no better excuse for you to jump into it now. The upcoming Legendary Edition includes remastered and enhanced versions of the original game, along with Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Now you too can know what it’s like to fall madly in love with Garrus. And if you’ve already played these games before, you can fall in love with Garrus all over again, but this time with better graphics.

Set in the tail end of the 22nd century, the Mass Effect series follows the exploits of Commander Shepard, a veteran Special Forces soldier, as he faces off against a mysterious alien race known as the Reapers, which are systematically wiping out all sentient life.

The games have also been given a slight revamp, improving on some of the less good features of the originals, such as overhauling the combat mechanics and rebalancing the Galaxy at War mode in Mass Effect 3.

If you’re after a cheap copy of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, here’s everywhere you should look.

Where can you buy a cheap copy of Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

mass effect
Image: Electronic Arts

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be available from May 14 on both PS4 and Xbox. At full price, a copy for either console will set you back $99.95. However, there are a fair few options available if you want to pick the game up with a nice $30 discount.

Mighty Ape, Dick Smith and Kogan are all offering the game for $68, which is currently the cheapest price going. However, that price doesn’t factor in the delivery cost. If you buy the game through Kogan you can get free shipping with a Kogan First subscription.

After that, both Big W and Amazon are offering the remastered Mass Effect trilogy for the very nice price of $69. If you pick up the game via Amazon you’ll be entitled to free shipping, as the order is over $39.

Here are the best prices currently available for Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

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  • “if you’ve already played these games before, you can fall in love with Garrus all over again, but this time with better graphics”.

    FYI: better graphics does not equal lots lens flair. Rookie error.

    I think I might wait for a ME trilogy with better graphics. That would be cool.

  • Any guesses if they’ll do a native XSX/ PS5 version or stick with this one via backwards compatibility?

    • I believe BioWare (or maybe EA?) confirmed no next gen ports will come. Might be something to do with UE3 in ME1? Can’t remember for sure the reason they cited but defs not porting to PS5/XSX, only backwards/forwards compatibility with improved framerates

    • not wrong. its fair enough charging full price for it for new users. it is 3 top tier games in 1 even though they are old, thats fairly reasonable since some work has gone into remastering it. but it should be significantly cheaper for everyone who already owns all 3 games (regardless of store front, since there was that whole issue where the first 2 games were on steam and then EA came out with origin and locked the 3rd game to origin until a year or so ago).

    • $69 for 3 games and 99% of the DLC – seems like a pretty good price considering the increases we’ve seen of late.

  • Are Steam and Origin the only options for PC? Same price on both but haven’t seen it anywhere else 🙁

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