Mass Effect Remake Fixes A Character’s Race

Mass Effect Remake Fixes A Character’s Race
Image: Mass Effect

For over 13 years, there has been a character in the original Mass Effect who was, well, the wrong race. An oversight the series’ new remasters has finally been able to fix.

As Eurogamer point out, since 2007 the minor character Elanos Haliat has looked human, but was also a character who led an attack on a human colony and said mean things about Shepard being a human Spectre, leading fans to assume that he wasn’t supposed to be depicted as human, with his appearance being either an oversight or a bug.

Turns out they were right. In Legendary Edition’s version of Mass Effect, Haliat is shown to be a Taurian, which makes a lot more sense!

The discovery comes a day after folks found that Tali’s face, another weird little character-based inconsistency, has also been fixed in the Legendary Edition. It’s nice that in addition to the general remaster business BioWare also went in and made little changes/fixes like this!


  • Hmm i always thought they were supposed to be batarian, given the reasoning behind the (skylian) blitz he mentions, which is earth/humans taking over areas batarians had been wanting. and the human military response of destroying a poo ton of batarian pirate gangs.
    Going on from that i thought they were just a poorly edited human face because they never got around to making batarian models until the DLC, and patches for small issues in games were less of a thing happening back in 2007.

    Seems like someone was told to fix this but weren’t entirely sure what they were doing.
    Still an improvement over the weird human face it was, so thats good.

    • Batarian would be the obvious choice, but the Skylian Blitz wasn’t an official Batarian action – it was pirates, who as we’ve seen are made up of many races. (Hell, it might even have been plausible for him to have actually been human – god knows we’ve always had our own pirates, and this dude was chasing clout with that operation.)

      The best indicator I can think of that he was intended to be a Turian is his name: Elanos Haliat, which hasn’t changed from the original. Not sure if it’s a fake/adopted aspirational name, but Elanos is really similar to Elanus, as in Elanus Risk Control Services (the Turian security company), and Haliat is the same as Haliat Armory, the Turian arms manufacturer.

      • Certainly makes sense. I did think the name seemed right for turian after seeing the new model (though at the time seemed plausible for a batarian too).
        But yeah just the only reason i could think of why the model would be wrong was it supposed to be batarian, which combined with their high amount of piracy just ‘clicked’ for me.
        But as you say we run into pirates of every race so its not odd at all to be a turian.

        And nice stuff on the name explanation there, i have played through these 6 times, but remembering those sorts of details is tough for me.
        Very intriguing, and i wonder if there is/was supposed to be some higher connection there. Guess i should do another play through and find out 😛

    • Replaying the game, its the right word since its the word that the different races of the Citadel use to refer to themselves. Kind of like we’re the ‘human race’ and not the ‘human species’.

      Its interesting going back and seeing how the language is back then, since they also use gender in its original usage as a synonym for sex, since the context is clearly about sexual reproduction and a single sex race.

      Given that defintions have changed in the 2020s, I can imagine younger people being confused by the language usages.

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