Metro Exodus On PC Now Supports The PS5 Controller’s Fancy Triggers

Metro Exodus On PC Now Supports The PS5 Controller’s Fancy Triggers
Image: 4A Games / Sony / Kotaku

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition received a minor patch yesterday that quietly added support for the DualSense’s fancy adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

The DualSense controller has been supported by Steam and other games since not long after the PS5 launched last year. But this appears to be the first example of a PC game officially taking advantage of all the neat next-gen features found inside the controller.

You can see an example of the controller’s adaptive triggers in action in a video posted by Twitter user @mrdomino_.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ports of Metro Exodus will be out next month on June 18. I’d assume the fancy PS5 trigger action now available in the PC version is a preview of what players on Sony’s next-gen console can expect when they boot up the game and start shooting stuff.

I’m a big fan of the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on PS5, so I’m excited to see PC developers taking advantage of these features.


  • That’s awesome that they’ve done this. Hopefully more devs ollow suit and I’ll probably pick up a PS5 controller just to play on PC

    • If I were you I would pick one up regardless. It is easily the best controller on the market right now, even without considering the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It just feels ‘premium’ and well made, even more-so than the xbox elite controllers.

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