My Singing Monsters Comes To Consoles With A Bunch Of Non-Singing Minigames

My Singing Monsters Comes To Consoles With A Bunch Of Non-Singing Minigames

Mobile hit My Singing Monsters is a game about collecting and breeding musical monsters whose unique noises join together to create beautiful music. Coming to consoles this November, My Singing Monsters Playground is a party game featuring more than 20 different minigames. Hopefully one of those minigames is singing, but I can’t tell yet.

My Singing Monsters was once my absolute jam, so I’m a little worried about the lack of singing I’m seeing in the console game’s debut trailer. I see the monsters shooting cannons, running about, rolling balls around, hitting things with hammers, and dodging obstacles with timed jumps. None of the monsters seem to be singing while doing these things.

Maybe developer Big Blue Bubble is keeping the singing close to its chest until closer to November’s launch. Or maybe My Singing Monsters Playground is more about the monsters than the singing, trying to establish the series’ critters as characters instead of sound bites. All I know is if there’s no singing in the new My Singing Monsters game I am going to set the building on fire.

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