Nintendo Just Very Quietly Announced A Brand New Game

Nintendo Just Very Quietly Announced A Brand New Game
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo doesn’t always need a big Direct to announce a new first-party game. Sometimes they can just drop a trailer and say, hey, here’s a new thing, which is exactly what just happened with Game Builder Garage.

Coming to the Switch in June, it builds off the company’s recent work with everything from the Labo to Super Mario Maker to work as a kind of basic game-building suite, giving players the basic tools required to make all types of simple lil’ video games.

Players will be guided through every step of the way, and once you’re done, you’ll be able to share your creations with the world. As an extra cool touch, it’ll even support the use of a mouse if you plug it into the Switch’s dock.

It’s out on June 11.


  • Not bad, looks like a good way to introduce less savvy people to object oriented programming. All the helpful images and UI with none of the scary code.

  • It looks like Nintendo branded Scratch, which is no bad thing.
    Considering the absolutely mad and impossible looking stuff made in the Mario Maker games, this could be reaaaally interesting.

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