Nintendo’s New Waluigi Art Is Mysterious, Erotic

Nintendo’s New Waluigi Art Is Mysterious, Erotic

Over the weekend, Nintendo dropped a new video dedicated to unboxing the upcoming blue-purple Switch colorway. The upload mostly got attention, however, due to its inclusion of a never-before-seen Waluigi render that the internet…well, just look at it. I’m sure you can guess what kind of reaction the above image got without me spelling it out for you.

There’s honestly just a lot going on here. Look at the seductive pose, the slight jutting of the hip and puff of the chest that accentuates Waluigi’s lanky figure. Then there’s the rose, a common romantic accoutrement, not to mention Waluigi’s “come hither” stare. And, oh my god, he’s about to lick the flower. Folks, this is about a 99 on the Horny Scale. (According to Wikipedia, the Horny Scale traditionally maxes out at ten.)

The best part of this new Waluigi render, though, is that no one has any idea where it comes from. As far as we can tell, it’s not from a previous Mario game and wasn’t presented in promotion of an upcoming release. Kotaku has contacted Nintendo for more information on this artwork, and while company reps promised to look into it, they didn’t get back to us before publication.

Earlier today, Nintendo Portugal also shared a new look at the purple prankster’s digs in the upcoming Mario Golf: Super Rush alongside perennial pal Wario. It goes without saying that they both look fabulous, but the rose in Waluigi’s hat may also be a clue that the mysterious, sexy render is also a part of that game’s marketing.

In any case, Waluigi fans have been eating good lately. Keep it coming, Nintendo.


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