No Man’s Sky VR Gets Nvidia’s Magical DLSS

No Man’s Sky VR Gets Nvidia’s Magical DLSS
No Man's Sky (Screenshot: @JimdiGriz1, Twitter)

We’ve talked before about how crazy good Nvidia’s machine learning upscaling can be in the right scenarios, but one area where it hasn’t been deployed is VR. Until today.

Ever since updating their machine learning model to something that doesn’t have to be trained on a game-by-game basis, Nvidia’s DLSS has been bringing its AI wizardry to more and more games. Its adoption — and pressure on AMD to release their own AI-powered upscaling technique — has only picked up faster, now that developers can directly integrate DLSS with Unreal Engine plugins.

That’s fun, and as of this morning a bunch of games — including AMID EVIL, the excellent Everspace 2, Aron’s Adventure, Scavengers, Wrench and No Man’s Sky — have got DLSS support as well.

No Man’s Sky is obviously the big drawcard, but what’s super valuable is the extension of DLSS support for No Man’s Sky in VR. Having a smooth frame rate is essential for staving off any motion sickness or queasiness, especially if you’re still running with a 20-series GPU (given how hard the 30-series cards are to buy).

What’s nice here is that Nvidia are showing off the benefit of DLSS on the much older, more accessible RTX 2060, rather than hyping 30-series cards that are so difficult to buy for a decent price right now. They’re great pieces of tech, if you can get them close to their actual MSRP.

Still, for everyone with a 20-series card and up, more games with DLSS support is good news. The performance improvement in AMID EVIL — especially if you’re playing that game with ray-tracing — is a welcome bonus, especially since the game has that retro look that still works really well when being upscaled from lower resolutions. Also, if you played Metro Exodus when it first launched, the game has gotten a free update that adds ray-traced lighting and 4K textures.

It’s a pretty substantial update, but it also updates Metro Exodus‘s DLSS implementation. The old version of DLSS was pretty funky when Metro Exodus first launched, so if you haven’t checked the game out since then, it’s definitely worth getting the update and the latest Nvidia driver.

More info about the DLSS updates and the games supported can be found in the Nvidia blog post. There’s also a full list of all the games that support DLSS here.

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